OUTRIDERS: How to Fix Stuttering and Frame Rate Issues

OUTRIDERS is now available on Steam, however, There are so many issues for this new game. one of the issues with your DX12 implementation that can cause PC players to encounter stuttering, a hard crash or shader cache issues due to an overloaded CPU.

The Dev is said that they are investigating this urgently and hope to provide a resolution in the near future.


How to Fix Stuttering and Frame Rate Issues impermanently


Please also check whether you have the latest NVIDIA Game Ready installed. We have heard that there might be issues with is. If you currently have the latest driver already installed, please consider rolling back to the previous driver to see if this affects anything.

Alternative Workarounds:

  • Disable Ansel
  • Disable DLSS
  • Turn Vsync off
  • Enable your FPS Limiter and choose various limits to see if improvements are made
  • Ensure Controller Configuration is supported EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT PLAYING WITH A CONTROLLER (thread)
  • Play in Windowed Mode

Credit to SE Toby


There is also an issue whereby stuttering can occur whenever you visit a new area or encounter new enemies/powers etc. This should only occur the FIRST time however, with subsequent visits being stutter-free. it is said that the Dev will fix the stuttering issues on PC in the next patch from the official latest Twitter.

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