OUTRIDERS: Updated Endgame Technomancer Build

A Fully Fledged in depth end game Technomancer Guide, intended for Group and Solo Content, able to Solo all expeditions at CT 15 achieving Gold on all of them, displaying videos, guides, stats, sheets and more.

Video Overview


The Gear

Primary Weapon

While not currently what we can classify as a “God Roll” it is a Tactical AR.
Be on the lookout for all rare and epic drops for Assault Rifles, as you can upgrade / change the variants to be suitable.

The Mods you wish to utilise on the Assault Rifle:
Killing Spree
Anomaly Enhancement or Ultimate Damage Link

The Stats you want to look out for on the Assault Rifle
The Godroll would be the following,
Critical Damage (30%)
Long Range Damage (10%)
Close Range Damage (10%)

The stats are when fully upgraded, they’ll be lower when they drop naturally.


Chest Piece

Leg Piece



NOTE: You do not need full legendary sets for this, just look out for FIREPOWER, LONG RANGE DAMAGE and CLOSE RANGE DAMAGE stat increases as well as the mods included on the armour pieces above.

Class Tree

We utilise:
Br/8 Impact Amplifier Nodes to increase our overall DPS
Exposing Toxin and Marked for Execution for huge boosts to our damage
Assault Master for our Tactical AR
Two Sides of Power for a DPS increase (despite it making you a little more vulnerable)
Empowering Antenna for Blighted Turret Spam to increase damage by 40%
Disturbance Coating for bonus Resistance Piercing

Skill Tree

Blighted Turret:
– Draws Aggro
– Combined with Final Pestilence Tree node, increases damage by 40% for 10 seconds.
– Spreads Toxic faster to enemies allowing for minor DPS increase

Cold Snap:
– Emergency Ability, for when you get overrun or need a few seconds to burst down a boss without mobs attacking you.

Blighted Rounds:
– Core of the entire build, responsible for 97+% of your DPS.

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