Paint the Town Red: All Hidden Weapons in Scenarios

All of the hidden weapons in each scenario. (More scenarios will be added over time.)



Hello there! As you probably read by the title, this guide is meant to show you and others where you can find some good weapons scattered around each scenario, since this game has a lot of hidden weapons in each one.
Keep in mind, there are more hidden weapons than what is shown in this guide. I’ve only included weapons that are decent or really good. If you would like me to include every single hidden weapon there is, comment on this guide. I hope this helps!

Biker Bar

This section will list all of the hidden weapons found in the Biker Bar scenario.
These are in no particular order from best to worst or anything.

A baseball bat behind the bar, next to the bartender.
The bartender will grab the baseball bat when she starts engaging in combat.

A cleaver in the dartboard, to the left of spawn.

A kitchen knife on top of the bar.
The easiest way to get up here is to jump onto the bar from upstairs.

A tire iron and a cleaver under the pillow in the middle room upstairs.

A tire iron on the bottom left shelf in the back storage room…

…and a kitchen knife on the top right shelf

A cleaver behind one of the bunk bed pillows in the same storage room.

A cleaver, a tire iron, and a baseball bat all next to or inside of the vault behind the biker boss’s desk.
A woman inside of this room will grab the baseball bat once she begins engaging in combat.

A machete on top of the moose head, to the right of spawn.
The two easiest ways to get this is to either climb onto the table and jump, or shockwave it off.

A tire iron on top of the speakers in the storage room to the left of the band.

A baseball bat inside the second to last restroom stall.
The woman inside of the stall will grab the baseball bat once she begins engaging in combat.

A kitchen knife inside of one of the sinks in the kitchen.

Another kitchen knife in one of the fridges…

…and a cleaver in another.

A tire iron in the right trash can at the back of the kitchen.
(i forgot to take a picture of this one, will get it soon.)

A baseball bat on the top shelf in the basement.

A cleaver in the trash can next to the fridge in the basement.

A tire iron sitting on the table inside of the room on the right at the back of the basement.
For some reason, the brawler sitting inside this room will not grab it upon engaging in combat.

A baseball bat under the bunk bed inside of the room on the left at the back of the basement.

And finally, a machete on top of the rafters.
This one is tricky to get. The best strategy is to go upstairs, and go to the 4th table on the left. Jump onto the railing in front of it, then jump towards the rafter on the left while spamming the pick-up button.

Thanks to IISavage for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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