Paper Beast Folded Edition: Walkthrough with All Achievements Guide

This guide contains a video walkthrough about the game and detailed information about acheivements and collectibles with screenshoots.


Video Walkthrough


Achievements and collectibles in chronological order

Another World
Begin the Adventure for the first time

This is the only unmissable achievement in the game, you earned it when done with calibrating a few options and you start your game.

Rescue Me
Save the Papyvorus from the Predator

Don’t care about walkman achievement until you not done with this one as it is easily possible the preadator vs Papyvorus event will trigger while trying to carry the walkman. During Chapter 1.1 lift the Papyvorus when the colored predator approaching, then bring it back to the water where you seen 2 other Papyvorus. See picture or check the video walkthrough at timestamp 2:55-3:25.

Carry the tape recorder to the sinkhole area

We talking about that tape recorder which you can see right at the beginning. This is the most annoying achievement i ever experienced in any game. Moving/pushing the tape recorder extremly hard, this single achievement took me like 60-70minutes. You need to keep turning the tape recorder, that is the easiest way to move it.

The biggest problems comes when you need move a bit upwards, so at ramps. At some spot it was impossible to me to move the tape recorder upwards:

Achievement earned once you get the tape recorder to the area highlighted on this picture:

Find the Heat Block in the first chapter

Once done with walkman turn back a bit, there is a passage, in there you will find this cube. Timestamp on video: 3:35-3:50

Obeserve the Data sea

During Chapter 2.2 you will encounter a room. The exit tunnel covered by ice and you need to use the heat block on it. The other tunnel (green marked area) is just a “window” and you can see there the Data Sea. This is achievement also annoying, you need to stay there for a very long time. I spent there about 40minutes total, but I had no clue how to unlock it at that time so tried various methods. Then i just left character be there for like 10minutes while i was in toilet room and when i came back the achievement was earned already. I believe you need to stand there and watch the sea without interacting/moving.

Collectible 1

During Chapter 2.4 there is a long animation. A monster watching itself in a mirror and at the end there will be a collectible on the ground. Target it and keep pushing mouse button until it is looted up. Every single collectible will look like this. Timestamp on video: 14:10-15:10

Collectible 2

During Chapter 3.1 you will get to a big area. Behind the rocks there is the next collectible. I didn’t loot this up on the video, as I forgot to leave it there for the recording replay, i just enter the area at 17:05-17:25

Collectible 3

During Chapter 3.4, when you need to build up a ramp to get to the ballon there is a predator whch eating your turtles. There is the next collectible. I didn’t loot this up on the video, as I forgot to leave it there for the recording replay.

Collectible 4

Right at the beginning of Chapter 4.1, once landed with the balloon, move forward and you will see the next collectible when you see downwards. Timestamp on video: 40:10-40:25

Collectible 5

During Chapter 4.3 there is a collectible inside the frozen lake. Use the heatblock to melt the water. Timestamp on video: 52:37-52:55

Tie a Balloon to a Predator

At the end of Chapter 5.3 once all Papyvorus gathered at the tree there will be red balloons on the tree and these will fall down. Use one of it on a predator for the achievement. Timestamp on the video: 1:05:45-1:06:10

Collectible 6

Right after UP achievement you need to enter a balloon. While heading toward the next area you should see the next collectible on the ground. Timestamp on video: 1:06:20-1:06:35

Catch a shooting star as it flies

Right at the start of 6.1 there will be a few falling stars. Catch one. It is quite hard and I believe only the first one possible to catch. It took me a lot of try. Achievement unlock and catching the star recorded on the video so it could help you. Timestamp: 1:06:53-1:07:10

Collectible 7

During Chapter 6.1 you can loot up the next collectible, right from the curtain. You can loot it up at 6.2 too while waiting for the caravan. Timestamp on video: 1:08:20-1:08:45

Collectible 8

During Chapter 6.3 you need to use the teleporter to get to the other side of the river. The 8th collectible is there. Timestamp on video: 1:14:05-1:14:20

Collectible 9

During Chapter 6.4 the collectible is next to the lake. Timestamp: 1:21:15-1:21:30

I Don’t want a hug
Finish Chapter 6.4 without the tape recorder getting grabbed

There are pink tentacles all around the map. You need to carry the tape recorder on top of the hil/mountain, at the edge of the zone to avoid those and to get this achievement. Achievement unlock recorded on my walkthrough video so here is the timestamp for it: 1:18:17-1:24:00

Collectible 10

During chapter 7.2 you will enter a very dark cave. To find the collectible i suggest you increase brightness to maximum and decrease contrat to minimum in ingame options. Timepstamp on video: 1:28:05-1:28:45

Collectible 11 and Boy’s Surface achievement
Unlock all entities for the sandbox

It is in final chapter 7.3. Just turn around and look up. Timestmap on video: 1:31:15-1:31:30

Thanks for playing
Finish the adventure

I still count this one as a missable. The credits start rolling, if you quit too early then you might miss this achievement as the credits needed to roll quite some time before this achievement unlocked to me.

Sandbox achievements

Some of the sandbox achievement not unlockable until you get the required collectible for it so I would suggest to finish the game and Boy’s surface achievement first.

This is a simulation
Drop your first entitiy in the sandbox


Papyvorus Herd
Have at least 8 Papyvorus in the sandbox

Start a sandbox game, open the item placement panel. Select papyvorus and then place 8 of them.

Plant a tree in the sandbox

Start a sandbox game, open the item placement panel. Select sand tree and place it. I tried other trees first, it worked only with this one.

Start a strom in the sandbox

Start a sandbox game, open the item placement panel. Select storm and place it.

Ground control to…

Start a sandbox game, open the item placement panel. Select Zero-G item and place it.

Set the sun on the horizon

Start a sandbox game, open the item placement panel. Select sun, then find it on the sky and pull it down to the horizont.

Use a blast capsule

Start a sandbox game, open the item placement panel. Select Kaboom item and place it.

Stay fresh

Start a sandbox game, open the item placement panel. Select add/remove water. You need to build a deep lake, so you will be underwater when entering. Achievement unlocks only if that is done.

Use a terraformation while in God mode

Use any terraformation ability while you far away from the ground. You can do that by using the mouse wheel.

Have at least 8 insects in the sandbox

Start a sandbox game, open the item placement panel. Select Stacker animal and place 8 from it.

Uproot a large desert plant

First plant a desert plant. If you have any animal placed on the map remove them as they might consume the plant.

Once one planted you need to wait about 5 minutes. During this time the plant will grow seeds (red marked items), those will land on the land and there will be new plants. Some of them will grow to quite huge size (green marked). Open item placement panel and select the “Grab” option and try to pull out the plant. If it resist a lot then that will be the one you need. If there wasnt any around, what unlocked the achievement then just go afk for a few more minutes and try again.

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