PAYDAY 2: DSOD Assault Rifle Anarchist Build

This Guide will assume that you’re a new player to Payday 2 and want a decent loadout to make helmets fly, This is my preferred loadout for running Assault Rifles with Anarchist and is viable for Death Sentence, One Down and lower.


Requirements for Build

What Do I Need For This Build?

This Build Requires alot of DLC items, but mainly for the weapons, Sydney Character Pack is required.

  • Infamy 1 (Required due to skill point reductions)
  • Point Break DLC
  • Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack #3
  • Sydney Character Pack
  • Gage Assault Pack
  • Gage Weapon Pack #1
  • Gage Mod Courier DLC
  • Gage Spec Ops Pack
  • BBQ Weapon Pack



Why These Skills?

Inspire to get your teammates back up is vital on Death Sentence, First Aid will not matter for Anarchist since your health is weak, so Doctor Bags are used, Jokers skills are to proc more armor with Anarchist due to the armor-health conversion.


Why These Skills?

Just basic skills here, Bullseye to proc more armor regen, and Scavenger basic to get ammo quickly before your armor goes down.


Why These Skills?

These skills are somewhat vital for your damage output. Assault Rifles are often weak in comparison to LMGs, so these skills will help beef them up. Steady Grip aced to boost accuracy and stability, Surefire aced so you don’t have to aim for the head as much, and Body Expertise aced to get 90% of the headshot bonus with bodyshots.


Why These Skills?

Duck and Cover and Parkour are important when you need to run for ammo or run from a dozen cops. Low Blow Aced so you get the critical hit chance of 30%, and Unseen Strike for a situational crit chance of 35%, not aced because it would remove the crits if you get hit.

You can either ace The Professional or Optical Illusions, Optical Illusions will help make it so you can reach Low Blow’s requirements with some weapons, The Professional will boost your accuracy and stability with silenced weapons.


Why These Skills?

Berserker is important as the last two were, these boost your damage output the lower your health is, with either melee or ranged. Bloodthrist will allow you to one hit Dozers with your stored damage in your melee and give you a reload speed boost for aced version.

Nine Lives aced for a extra down on DSOD, can be replaced if you think you won’t play DSOD or anything on that caliber.

Weaponry/Throwables/Perk Deck

Perk Deck



Molotov Cocktail

Primary and Secondary Weapons

This is up to you, but i primarily use the Clarion Rifle and the Mark-10 Submachine Gun, The Clarion or the Union 566 are acceptable here, other Assault Rifles, you may see some variance in your damage output.

Clarion Modifications

Barrel: Suppressed Barrel
Barrel EXT: None
Boost: Damage
Charm: Whatever you want
Custom: Auto-Fire
Gadget: Compact Laser Module
Grip: G2-Grip
Sights: 25 Owl Glass Universal Scope x2.5 (It’s not needed, but can help with Snipers)

Mark 10 Modifications
Barrel: Medium Supressor
Boost: Accuracy
Charm: Whatever you want
Custom: Auto-Fire
Extra: Railed Handguard
Gadget: Compact Laser Module
Lower Reciever: Custom Built Frame
Magazine: Speed Pull Magazine
Sights: None
Stock: Skeletal Stock


Two Piece Suit, reason is because it will give you the fastest armor regen ticks from Anarchist.


Medic Bags, First Aid is useless for this set-up since you have Berserker.


The Ice Pick, it will allow you to one hit kill Dozers with stored damage from Bloodthrist.

Thanks to Aiva for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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