PGA TOUR 2K21: Pro Swing Controller Config

Dualshock 4 Gamepad config for Pro gameplay difficulty which is required for entering into official tournaments.


How to import my pro swing Dualshock config
Enable Steam Big Picture mode
Click Library >
Click PGA Tour 2K21 Tile >
Click Manage Game >
Click Controller Configuration >
Click Community .
Look for Dualshock Pro Swing V2 by Trux (sometimes takes a few seconds to show up) >
Highlight Dualshock Pro Swing V2 (make sure it’s the V2 config) >
Click X to import
Click [] to apply

Load game and go to training and run the Swing Calibration.

About this Config:
Using this config is not a cheat!
The Config uses default settings but I have added some dead zone to take away some of the frustration of the games mechanics.
When playing official tournaments the game is set to Pro difficulty. By using this config with a PlayStation DS4 controller on pro settings in career mode you will get better at the game and thus enabling you to be competitive online.

This means Swing Timing is on which can still effect your shots on the downswing, However my config is designed to dampen (not remove) some of the wild upswing movements.
This results in more accurate shots that are still affected by environmental variables and timing.
Please like if you enjoy using my config.

By Trux

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