Phasmophobia: Cupboard&Table(with Doors) Glitch

Want to BE THE BIGGER MAN then YOU can get on a cupboard or other by using this glitch – works against the ghost 39% time as you sometimes can be a decent distance away from the ghost making it unable to kill you. ( depends on the spot ) and if you want to feel all powerful then follow these simple steps…

Cupboard Glitch
step 1 – Find a cupboard

step 2 – close the bottom Doors first on yourself

step 3 – close the top doors on your self

step 4 – as you move back into the cupboard you should be stuck inside!

disclaimer – you will be protected when the doors are closed however if the doors are open you can die but could take a while for the ghost so in some cases you may have to leave. 🙁

table Glitch
step 1 – find a table with a somewhat large door ( for starters ) ( it can also be done with small ones )

step 2 – bend the door backwards till it starts glitching out, you will have to move in the direction you’re bending it back in order for it to bug out.

step 3 – suddenly if done correctly and you’re in line with the door it should just lift you up, it may take a few tries but eventually you’ll get the hang of it.

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