Phoenotopia Awakening: Beginner Guide to Bosses and Enemies

Several tips for each boss and major enemy, designed for people struggling with said bosses and enemies, with beginners in mind. Its understood that you at least have a grasp on how combat works, and the controls.


Major enemies

Ouroboros Bandits

Melee Variant

  • Get in 2-3 attacks, and then back off when they start to wind up a slam, before going back in after to prevent them from starting a run attack
  • Alternatively, attack them from afar with the crossbow, and do a running leap over them when they try to run at you

    Ranged Variant

  • Focus them first over other enemies, they can’t do much when you close the gap
  • Another option is to throw bombs at them, while dealing with the melee enemies (When they are in groups)
  • You can duck/Roll to dodge their shuriken’s

    Daea Guards

    Melee Variant

  • Pretty much a faster, stronger, tankier version of the Melee Bandits with a weak ranged attack. Same strategies apply.
  • The ranged attack can simply be jumped over, but is most deadly when used offscreen.
  • Their run attack is much faster than one would expect. You will have to jump sooner then you think.

    Ranged Variant

  • Much deadlier version of the Ranged Bandits, with better aiming, a Melee attack, spread shot, and more damage.
  • Take care time your approach so that they can’t hit you with their melee attack, since it will almost definitely send you flying across the room, allowing the Guard to hit you with its ranged attack
  • you can see the Guard tense up when they are about to shoot, Use this to your advantage.
  • Use the crossbow to damage them from afar, and then run up and lay on a beatdown before they recover


  • Like most ranged enemies, if you get up in their face you can stunlock them.
  • Time is of the essence, if you take too long they will teleport away, forcing you to go after them again
  • Avoid their bombs at all costs, not only do they deal significant damage, they also apply high knockback, leaving you in a seriously disadvantageous position

    Scorched Robots


  • Every pile of rubble could be a ghoul. Remember this and be cautious so you don’t get caught off guard
  • Ghouls are most vulnerable when they are charging up an Acid spit, get in a few hits and then jump over it before it finishes
  • They cannot be stunlocked, so attempting to damage race them will just end with you flying across the room.
  • They are very weak to explosives, which can straight up one-shot them. The spear bomb is most effective for this (The first Oroborous Scroll reward)


  • DO NOT FIGHT THEM. They can take a ridiculous amount of punishment before they flee, deal High damage, can easily stunlock you if you find yourself in a corner, can teleport, and are very fast. Its never worth it to fight them
  • like most enemies, they can only see you if you are in front of them, use this to your advantage, and sneak past them (They only appear in 2 places outside of overworld battles)

    Big Turrets

  • Use a hit and run strategy. Hit them a few times, and then hide. Repeat until they are destroyed.
  • If possible, just run past them. Its usually not worth the trouble to destroy them
  • If you see wires running from their base, try to follow them and find their power source. Unplugging it will disable them.



  • Pretty much just tankier boars. Due to how they are positioned, its usually best to attack them from afar with spears. they really can’t deal with this.
  • If you do have to fight them up close, jump when they rear up a whip attack
  • The troll guard Technique is useful against their barrage attack


  • When they use their bind attack run away, and then jump over the binding.
  • Play defensively and attack from range. Trolls have a lot of health, so a damage race is impossible to win
  • Spear Bomb is very effective due to their large hitbox


  • If you’re having trouble, try buying the Double crossbow, it makes them much easier
  • If they try and throw a Mine at you, try to blow it up in their claws, as this will deal massive damage to them
  • Roll under them when they try to use their feather shoot attack, and then get a few hits in

    Guardian Constructs

  • Spear bomb decimates their health, Use it when they are grounded
  • Roll forward when they try to use their Arial blast to dodge it
  • Similarly to Ghouls, they cannot be stunlocked, don’t try it
  • Like the Arboars, their grounded Barrage is weakened significantly by Troll guard
  • If you don’t have it yet, get the Geo vest. You will need it

Main Bosses


  • You can walk through it without taking damage, use this to your advantage
  • Try to stay in the center of the arena. Going to the edges will just awaken the gummies that the boss shoots, making the fight harder
  • When the boss winds up a whip attack, either run past it, or jump


  • Take your time, the fight stays mostly the same throughout, so you don’t need to rush
  • You can hit her shuriken’s out of the air, if done right
  • go back and save after you’ve beat the combat trials, so you don’t have to do them every time you try beating her

    Great Sand drake

  • During the floor roll attack, go to one of the corners, and you can time a jump so that he bounces off the wall. This spot is also impossible for him to hit during the bouncing roll attack
  • When Birdy starts throwing treats, grab one and place a bomb where it was. This will stun the drake and let you get in some hits
  • When the Drake starts breathing magma, toss a bomb at it, and then use the crossbow to maximize your damage
  • The best time to heal is during the bouncing roll attack in the aforementioned safe spot


  • You can roll under it while its trying to grab you, letting you get to the other side of it
  • If it does manage to grab you, you can press shift (dunno what it is on switch, sorry) when you are about to hit the ground to negate the damage and momentum (You can practice with the lady in the northern Moonlight Ravine)
  • When it throws an EMP, hit it back with your bat to lower its defenses, and then go in for some charged attacks (I recommend buying the concentrate technique in Daea to allow you to get more off)


  • Trash all slow healing items and dog treats. These are useless to you during the fight, and only serve to give Katash better targets to steal. Instead focus on short, quick healing items like Meatballs or Jam, which don’t give him as much value]
  • You can eat quick food items in between katash’s blasts if you stand on the other side of the room. Be caution however, as this does leave you open to a surprise steal attack
  • As soon as you can, set up a sonic spear on either side of the room that you can jump on. This will allow you to dodge his laser later in the fight.
  • When he brings out the laser, try to jump up to him and knock him into it for high damage


  • Play defensively and get off crossbow attack when you can. Once the shield is down, try to get as much damage as fast as you can.
  • Before entering the archives, buy a few honey brews from sunflower road. This helps massively if you have Stamina problems

    Mother computer

  • Pretty much an Upgraded version of the motherframe, all previous tips apply
  • place a sonic spear over the pit, as some of her attacks cover the entire arena
  • Once the Shield is down, use the Berserker band (Bought in the Optional dungeon for the region, and restored by Thomas) to unleash hell on the eye when it pops out. You should be able to kill it before it comes back up. If the eye falls in the spikes, use the middle note of the Sepharalis to hit it with as many laser as you can

    Shadow clones

  • Keep your distance, the clones are most dangerous when up close, as it is very hard to see which attack they will use due to the background.
  • Just keep attacking. Overall the Clones have very little health, and will go down very quickly. The longer they stay alive, the more dangerous they become
  • The Kobold blaster is very useful here, as it can hit multiple clones at once.

Optional bosses

Century toad

  • When it leaps, run under it and hop when its about to hit the ground to prevent stuns, and then run in for a few attacks
  • when it starts sucking Gail in, Toss a bomb toward it, and then run away. It’ll take serious damage from this

    Green Slargummy

  • Essentially 3 Slargummies at once, with some acid attacks. Spear Bomb is invaluable due to the ability to hit multiple at once
  • Drink down some Honey Brew and spam Spear bombs, and they should go down pretty quickly.
  • Try to kill one of them first, they are most dangerous when all three of them are alive


  • The Kobold blaster is great against the Minions she spawns, as it can take them out in one hit.
  • When you get the chance, hit her backside with the Crossbow or your bat, as her front it immune to damage
  • When she starts spawning exploding Beetles on the ceiling, try hitting them down with your crossbow so that they land on her. Hit 2 down and she will be stunned, allowing you to do in with the Berserker Band to deplete the rest of her health

    Katash 2

  • Farm golden eggs (You need to find Perro in Overworld locations in Panselo, The Forbidden lands, Daea, the sand drifts, and Pooki farms), these are the best food in the game, and will allow you to actually heal during the fight
  • When he teleports up to one of his vantage points, go underneath him and a little farther out, and spam Crossbow at him, His bolts will blow up in face, knocking him off and getting you a chance to attack him.
  • Roll when he tries to dash into you during the 2nd phase, press shift when you are about to hit the ground when he knocks you into the air


  • Bring a lot of Jellyfly oil (Cook the tentacles that drop from the flies in the Mul caves), this will allow you to ignore the webs when the boss tosses a hive at you (And it lets you focus on the Enemies first)
  • BRING HONEY BREW. At least 4, likely more for when you run out. The stamina boost is invaluable, especially since your main way of attacking the boss is with the crossbow, which eats up energy like there is no tomorrow.
  • After the boss resets the platforms, your first priority should be getting them all back online. If you get caught without platforms when the boss starts its rotating laser attack, you’re likely dead
  • Keep track of what attack the boss is on (Purple –> homing, Red –> spread shot, Blue –> Shot that detonates into more shots, White –> Laser, Gravity, or Feathers, Green –> Repositioning shots, Yellow –> Shield) so that you know what to expect
  • Stockpile Golden eggs. If you have to farm money to do it, then do it. These are invaluable for taking down the boss, with how much damage it can do. Having the Elixir is also recommended, since it can restore most of your HP almost instantly.

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