Pinball Girls: How to Set English Option

“Pinball Girls” is a game combined with pretty girl, pinball and galgame. the default language is Chinese. if you want to set the laguage to English. you can use this simple guide. if you have any problems. please let me know.


Where is the English Option for Pinball Girls game?

1. In the Main Menu, choose the bottom box to get to the Options.
2. There are two pages. You’ll see two words in Chinese under a single word in Chinese. Click on the one the right to switch pages.
3. Click on the second drop down menu and you’ll see where you can change it English. Back out of the Option menu.
4. I recommend closing the game and restarting to apply all the changes.
It seems that not everything is translated but there is enough to play the game. In Story Mode, there are some untranslated things and there may be more that I haven’t seen.

Credit to Mighty UBX

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