Piratopia Playtest Basic Guide (How to Play)

here is the gameplay basic of a very cute game.


Basic Controls

Allthough this is listed the first time you play, these are the basic controls.
WASD/Arrow Keys – Move
LMB (Left Mouse Button) – Attack/Shoot
RMB (Right Mouse Button) – Switch Weapons (we’ll get to the weapon switching later.)

Basic GUI Mechanics

Top Right – Minimap. Coordinates are also displayed here, as seen by the X and Y values.
These change as you go around the map, X changes as you move horizontally, and Y changes as you move vertically. The cross thing also shows your location, so you don’t need to pay attention to coordinate values as much, except for when you’re sending them to your friend if you want to meet. N marks north.

Top Left – Playerlist & ping counter. Simple: It lists the players currently in the server you’re playing on. There is also an total player count, and the RTT apparently stands for ping. For example, in this picture, I have 275 ms. Less ms = better connection. You don’t need to worry about it too much. The arrows are used to navigate the playerlist by scrolling when there’s a lot of people on.

Bottom Middle/Bottom Left – Chat. You can press TAB to start typing, and it will show up in the chat at the bottom left corner. I won’t show my chat for privacy reasons, but I think you can figure it out.

Top Middle – Resources. This will show how much resources you currently have. For example, in this image, I have 340 fish.
As shown in this image, there’s also an N on-screen at all times, showing where north is.

Middle – Health Bar & Misc. The blue icon to the left shows your level. Max level is 31. The health bar shows your current health, if you run out of health, you die and respawn at the middle island.

The yellow bar below is basically a reload cooldown bar. When you attack/shoot, it resets, and you have to wait until it refills until you can attack/shoot again.
The icon on the top right represents what weapon you
currently have equipped, and the one below that
represents your “crew” count. More about these later.

Basic Mechanics

Enough about the GUI.

First off; the middle island. It acts as a general safe spot, as all projectiles turn into confetti while inside of this area. This “area” is marked by the green borders around a few islands in the middle of the map. You can’t miss it. It’s the spawnpoint, so you spawn here if you die, or when joining.
There are shops around the middle island, where you can trade resources for other resources, and purchase upgrades, weapons, and “crew” for said resources.

Go outside of this area, and you’ll find ships that you can shoot down. The AI on these are EXTREMELY good, so you have to be very evasive in order to kill them effectively. Ships also drop resources.

Speaking of resources, let’s talk resources!

From left to right: Gold, Steel, Gunpowder, Booze, and Fish.
Gold can be traded for Fish and used to upgrade your ship and mascot.
Fish can be traded for every resource except Gold and itself.
Booze can be traded for “Crew”.
The rest of the shops trade weapons.

Upgrading your ship for Gold makes your ship slightly bigger, your level increases, and you do a bit more damage.
There’s a passive Fish collection as well, as your mascot collects them, netting you 5 fishes every ~10 seconds when near a fish pack. Upgrading the mascot (I assume) makes it collect more fish.

Crew increases your health regeneration. More Crew = You get health back quicker.

If you lose all your health and die, you lose 80-90% of all your resources. I can’t say an exact amount, because it differs, from what I’ve seen.

About weapons:

There are 3 different weapons which can be bought, but the cannonballs you start with will always be unlimited.
300 Steel gives you 1 round of a Mortar. It’s a powerful, but slow weapon that needs some good aim. They’re extra effective to forts and slow ships, but can 1-shot pretty much any low-level ship, as long as you hit it.

Mortars are pretty much the most effective weapon, so it’s slightly ineffective to buy other weapons, but feel free to try them out.

Strategies (extremely unfinished)

Feel free to contribute to this section. I grabbed these off the official Discord, and I assume they’re great, but I can’t say I’ve tried them out. As the section title says, this is incredibly unfinished.

“Grind steel, buy mortars, kill big ship in 2 shots, profit”, by Dr Dingus#7718.

“Go to (-240, -120), destroy 2 ´Big Bobo’s` and some fortress towers etc, maybe shoot down some ships on the way there.” by Stanovich ಠ_ಠ#1666.

Again, feel free to elaborate or contribute to any of these. I’ll add your name as credit, contact me on Discord at esiotrot#5400, or just write a comment.

Thanks to esiotrot for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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