Plague Inc Evolved: Anti Vaxxer Achievement Guide

Easy guide to get the Anti Vaxxer Achievement on Cure Mode.


Disease type
I did this on Virus, but also work on Bacteria and Parasite.

Recommended Difficulty

Task Force

Fast Response EMTS, Surgeon General and Checkpoint Enforcer are recommended, but not needed.

Starting place
Somewhere with a lot of neighbour countries, like China, Central Africa, or any country on Europe.

1 – Start the game and immediately use Investigate Outbreaks, Government Partnerships and Deploy Field Operatives.

2 – When you identify the disease origin, move your Field Operatives there and wait for them to analyze it.

3 – Put all continents on alert.

4 – It’s very important to you not spend resources on anything else until now.

5 – When response becomes available pause the game and buy Emergency Preparation, Staff Expansion and New Infrastructure.

6 – New Infrastructure it’s your most important resource cause will reduce authority loss.


8 – As soon as you can, buy Border Monitoring, Airport Screening, Land Border Screening and Port Screening under Response.

9 – If you notice the infected number rate are increasing on a populous country (a lot of red dots appearing), buy Infection Control and Emergency Care, on Operation, and move your Field Operatives there.

10 – Buy Surge Protocols, Mask Wearing, Social Distancing, Local Lockdowns, Treatment Efficiencies, Critical Care Management, Advanced Antibiotics, Improve Supply Chains and Public Awareness.

10.1 – If you don’t have resources to buy it all at once, don’t worry. Surge Protocols, Mask Wearing, Social Distancing, Local Lockdowns are the most important resources, after them you just have to reduce your fatality and infection rate as you think it’s best.

11 – (OPTIONAL) Because you have New Infraestructure your your authority will decress very slowly, but if it reaches 80 or less you should buy Authority 1 and Authority 2. Authority 3 problably will not be necessairy.

12 – Continue to reduce fatality and infection rate as you will and remember to not buy Vaccine Research. This is your choice, but I focus on the responses I’ve already put above and PPE Package 1 and 2, Disinfectant Supplies, IV Fluid Therapy, Convalescent Plasma and Monoclonal Antibody Treatment. DO NOT BUY TRIAGE PROTOCOLS.


14 – Keep monitoring countries with infections rate rising.

15 – (OPTIONAL) Contact Tracing and Testing Capacity are helpful, but not needed. Buy them after you have already acquired all the other Responses.

16 – Do not try to put all the world on lockdown. It will just hurt your authority.

17 – As you manage your resources to reduce infection and fatality rate in some point the disease will vanish. Just remember to NOT BUY TRIAGE PROTOCOLS.

18 – If you think it’s taking too long to the disease became eradicated, double click on any country and search for the countries with people infected. Then move your Field Operatives there. In my case it was Egypt.

18 – If the infected number it’s taking to much time to decrease, buy Public Warning and Public Alert.

19 – If more and more people became infected after all that, close sea, land and air access in all continents and use fake news and censorship if your authority drops to low. But do that only if you don’t have another alternative and a lot of resources.

20 – Keep moving your field operatives to countries with a large number of infected people.

21 – Congratulations!!

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