PowerWash Simulator: All Gnome locations

In every location, in every job, there is a gnome, hidden, watching you at all times…
This “guide” will show you their whereabouts and how to avoid them in the near-future.


Doc’s Garage
This one isn’t even trying to hide. But you know what they say, “Hidden in plain sight.” Didn’t work this time though. Spray him all you want, you can’t get rid of him.

Back Garden
This one will be hiding behind the left neighbor’s fence. A good spot, I will admit, but not for this keen eye…

Ah, another fence peeker, across the street and to the left. You’ll see a lot of them fence peek creeps. Try not to stay in its sight’s for too long, or something bad may happen…

This one is hiding behind a tree past the tables, spying on you and those who just want a snack. Don’t let it take their sandwiches!

Detached House
Back behind the neighbor’s fence, again? WELL NOT FOR LONG. I’ll hose you down for however long I need to!

Shoe House
This time, there’s 3 OF THEM!! There must be a way to stop the gnomepocalypse…

Out of sight, out of mind… well these 2 are clearly in sight AND in my mind! Not even hidden… pathetic. Let’s hope the kids handle them roughly.

Ah, a double agent! Spying on you AND his gnome brethren. This one’s a force to be reckoned with.

Fire Station -(UNFOUND)-
A tragedy, this is, for there is a gnome I am unable to find. PLEASE, dear reader, if you happen to find this gnome, report it to me ASAP! They shall not hide for much longer without due punishment…

This gnome is holding the Mayor’s cat hostage! I would go in for the attack, but I don’t want them driving off… the police will need to get involved with this one.

Forest Cottage
This one isn’t as much a threat as the others, it’s wild and is just looking for some dinner. Give it a snack and maybe you’ll befriend it!

Tree House
Taking a break from his duties, this gnome is just taking a peaceful nap in the middle of the woods. Despite its appearance now, it will soon become a trouble again…

Vintage Car
As soon as the car was pulled into the driveway, this gnome knew of it’s value under all of that rust. Beware, for it shall strike when your cleaning job is done.

Grandpa Miller’s Car
Not unlike the last gnome, this one is looking for some quick cash with Grandpa Miller’s beautiful metal steed that won the 1989 Race of Champions. The last gnome isn’t as bad because that car’s owner is dead, but this car will still have some great use from ole Miller. Don’t let the gnome take it!

Fire Truck -(UNFOUND)-
Another day, another unfound gnome. The Fire Station is cursed, the area is too big and the gnome could be watching you from anywhere. Reader, I ask of you again that you look for this gnome and report to me ASAP!

Recreation Vehicle
These vehicle gnomes are a different breed… looking for either free cash or for a grand getaway. This is one of those getaway gnomes. Why else would it seek an RV and not just take a car from the other neighbors? You know why. We know why.

Fire Helicoptor
Unlike the other Fire Station gnomes which (I have to admit) are hidden very well, this gnome is dumb and stupid and an idiot who decided to hide in the nearest bush. Why? He’s looking for HIS great getaway like the last gnome, off to an abandoned island to live a life of peace away from law enforcement. But, this helicoptor has even better use for rescuing Ulysses from hostage, so stop this gnome!

Mars Rover
Ah, a rare Martian Gnome, with that green tint to its skin. Why is it green? From a lack of oxygen. The gnome can’t breath. Its dead.

Good riddance.

Gnome outro
Jokes and Gnome Insanity aside, these gnome easter eggs are fun to look for. Also, I do need help finding the gnomes for the Fire Station and Fire Truck because I can literally not find them, if they do exist.

Thanks to Emperor365 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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