PowerWash Simulator: How Many Levels? (Frequently Asked Questions)

PowerWash Simulator is a new simulation game released on Steam recently. it is a nice relaxing game. if you are new to this game or just start for a few times. you may wonder how many levels are in the game? let’s check out the answer below.


How many levels are in the game so far?

There’s 8 larger locations and 9 vehicles to clean + bonus Mars rover. The locations take quite a bit of time to clean up. Some like the skatepark and fire station are freakin huge.

Credit to Shataka


Other FAQ from Developers

Will there be multiplayer?

Yes, we are planning multiplayer later on in the Early Access cycle.

Is there a story?

There is a career mode where you a budding power wash business owner will interact with several quirky clients who will lead you to new jobs and grow your enterprise. These do have narrative and will be told mostly through your tablet in text messages and hints throughout the levels.

Can I stream/make content on the game or demo?

Please go ahead, we love to see content creators playing the game!

Is the washing completion for items final in the demo?

We’ve had a few community questions on this. The system in the demo was very early, and will be much more accurate. The plan is also to have thresholds on each object or surface depending on how large they are and if any of it is obscured. For example a car’s hood is a large surface area that is easy to reach to clean all areas so would complete at 100%. Whereas a car wheel that is on the ground may have some of the object obscured so there will be a lower threshold for it to completely clean. We’ll be monitoring feedback on this in early access.

Is there an official Discord Server?

Yes you can join the PowerWash Simulator Discord here[discord.gg] for exclusive teasers, direct contact with us and a great community! 😀

Is there an official Reddit?

Yes there’s an official sub reddit here. It’s a great place to share your creations and we’ll also be more active on their too!

Will there be developer streams?

Yes, we stream off of our FuturLab Twitch channel here[www.twitch.tv] and we will likely do some streams here on Steam too!

Is there a home/base in the game?

We see the garage as being a home type space where you will be doing several odd jobs to further your career in. We will be looking at potential ways to show the items you purchase and upgrades further in Early Access. We’d also like there to be upgrades to this garage but we’ll be listening to player feedback as to whether this is something everyone really wants!

Credit to Josh FuturLab


That’s all information for you. enjoy the game.

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