RAM Pressure: Early Access Guide (Single Player Campaign Playthrough)

Welcome! I’m putting together an Early Access guide which will be predominantly video based. This guide will outline operative gear, single player and some multiplayer aspects and my general impressions.


Reviews and Early Impressions

My early impressions mainly focused on the single-player aspects!

The Good
1) Decent graphics
2) Intuitive controls
3) Decent skill trees (so far)

Areas of Concern
1) Microtransactions – will the game force you to spend RL money for in game currency
2) Poor AI
3) Limited mission variability and need for tactical thought (i.e. create a heavily armored unit and secure the artifact)
4) Story line needs work and development

Overall, this game has SO much potential but has a long way to go! Hoping the developers keep working on the game with a focus on bug fixes (it’s EA so to be expected), story line development and balancing the game so you won’t need to leverage the microtransactions.

See my early impressions in this ~7 minute video!

Single Player Campaign Playthrough
We begin the game by selecting the CIA and United States as our Faction. It does not appear you can change your faction but something we’ll be exploring at a later time.

In the second episode we take on side missions to gain money and level up our operatives!

After completing a few side missions we then advance the single-player campaign taking on Chapter 2 to eliminate smugglers!

We continue leveling up our operatives before taking on Chapter 3!

We next focus on more side missions to gain currency and continue to build out our operatives!

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