Ranch Simulator Guide (How to Make Money & Keep Ranch)

Updated in May 2021 | This is a guide to make money and to learn how to keep a ranch, in Ranch Simulator.


Stores Etc
Petrol Station
This place is exactly what you think it is, you can refuel your vehicles here along with petrol tanks.General Store
This is where you buy literally everything for now. The unavailable items in their cannot be unlocked, they are their for the future.

Hardware Store
Does nothing at the moment. Will contain some of the unavailable items in the general store when released though.

Chicken Coops
Their are 4 different coops. There is the small coop, the medium coop, the large coop and the premium coop. These can all have feeding troughs built inside them.Barn
Their is only one barn and can be extended up to 3 times. (I think) This can also have a fence placed around, main barn doors, doors, feeding trough, cow cubicles, feeding trough for the cubicles and that’s it.

You only get one house to build, but I’m assuming there will be more.

Radio Tower
The radio towers only use is for the radio inside the house. For now…
– Star Wars Lover

A very useful building. Literally free and infinite water.

There are quite a few vehicles in Ranch Simulator. But there are only a few useful ones. These are the $1250 pickup truck, the $1400 pickup truck, the animal truck and the gator thing. The best vehicle to purchase is the $1400 pickup truck fully upgraded in my opinion. It handles really well in the bush, it can store a ton of items such as meat, wheat bags etc. And it can hold either 2 pigs or 1 cow. It also has one of the best top speeds in the game. What about the $1250 pickup, It can carry the same amount of animals as the $1400 I here you ask. Well let me explain, the $1250 can in fact hold the same exact amount of animals, it also has the fastest acceleration. But the biggest problem is the handling. You will be skidding out, flipping the thing left right and centre. And for $150 more, the $1400 is definitely better.

Chicken Basics

To keep chickens, it is the best option to build a chicken coop. In the tutorial, you build a medium or small chicken coop. It is best to build a medium chicken coop and put you couple of chickens in there to start off with. Later you want to build a premium chicken coop for $750. It comes with a hefty price, but profits from chickens are extraordinary.

It is good to have at least 4 chickens in here. Next buy a Rooster as soon as possible. Roosters allow for fertilised eggs, which can be placed in your medium chicken coop to hatch. How do you know their fertilised? Well the over scope checks for you when the eggs are placed inside or when you pick up an egg a chicken will attack you. So fertilised eggs go into you medium coop to hatch and grow up, and the eggs in the hay go into the basket. Chicks do eventually hatch and they also grow into chickens. But they can also rarely grow into a rooster.

Always build the feeding trough, to save the hassle of placing grain on the ground. Every day resupply the trough with food and water to ensure they never die.

The overscope is not useless as chickens can lay fertilised eggs on hay.
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Pig Basics
To have pigs it is best to build a barn with the silo upgrade. Meat is probably the best way to make money in this game, and pigs do exactly that. They cost $300, for 1.
Pigs are really easy to keep, just let them sit in the barn for 10 in-game days. They will become really fat. Then transport them in a car to the general store and kill them. Skin them and sell the meat. They should sell for around $600 – $700. Where you can buy more pigs.
Pigs are really easy to keep and the best source of money.

Cow Basics
Cows are another easy animal to keep. They cost $650, and are another good source to make money. Again you will need a barn, except this time you will need to install cubicles inside the barn for them. Install feeding troughs as well in these cubicles. Cows are simple, have a milk can and a steel bucket. Place the bucket beneath the cow and press A and D in the order it tells you too. Then put the milk into the milk can. They can be milked up to 3 – 4 times from 08:00 – 20:00.

3 animals types exist in this game. Deer, bears and wolves. These can all be found at different parts of the map. Deer are the most common found anywhere. The ranch, general store etc.
Bears are found in the lower right corner of the map near a random house that you can get into by jumping on the mailbox. (But you can’t get out unless you get into your vehicle through the wall)
Wolves are found around the middle.
Deer take 2 shots to take down and give 3 meat when skinned.
Bears take 4 – 5 shots and give 5 – 6 meat.
Wolves take 1 shot and give 2 meat.

Recipes & Tools (Meat and Dairy Update)
The pan can be filled with either water from a bucket, or milk from a milk can. Pans can be placed on the grinders and stove tops.Stun Gun
The stun gun is quite easy to use. Simply lure a pig, chicken or cow over. Grab the gun and crouch so that the gun is in their head and shoot. This should instantly kill the animal and if not, try again.

Meat Grinder
To use the meat grinder, you need either chicken, pork or beef. These can be gathered by killing cows, pigs and chicken. Kill the animal using either weaponry or the stun gun and skin them. Holding the meat, put it in the grinder. Place a pot by pressing E when instructed. Activate the grinder and meat will appear in the pot. We will refer to this as grinded meat.

Sausage Stuffer
To use this you need grinded meat. Press E when told to stuff the meat in. Then activate the machine and it will produce raw sausages.

Drying room
In the drying room you can hang, sausages, meatballs and cheese to dry and sell.

Cheese can be made by filling a pan with milk and placing either the white cheese mould or the blue cheese mould into the pan. Cook either of these and it will give you cheese. Then place this into the drying room.

To get a meatball, simply grind meat into a pot and take the product. You can also dry this.

Raw Sausages
To get a sausage, place grinded meat into the sausage stuffer and activate it.

Boiled Sausages
To boil sausages, get a normal sausage and place it in a pan filled with water.

Take a normal sausage and hang it in the drying room.

Things To Know
– You can put an egg in all of the recipes.
– The new food store is located next to the car shop
– The food store has in-game daily or weekly (I don’t know yet) specials in which you can get 2x or 1.5x multipliers on your foods if meeting the requirements such as 1 pork sausage, 1 meatball and 1 blue cheese.
– To get these specials offers consistently, gather up every type of meat recipe and wait for the special that’s best for you and then sell those specific items in bulk to make the most profit.

This video shows every recipe if your not into reading. This also probably covers more.

These are bugs I have found in the experience I have played.

Multiplayer Person flying through the world
I play multiplayer with a friend, and when he gets out of cars it nearly always launches him. It either teleports him or he just goes flying in which he has to load back in.

Cows randomly teleport you
When milking a cow, and you finish you can be launched, which is really annoying.

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