Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth HP1 Mode and All Skills Mode(How to Activate)

Actually this game contains leftover data from Touhou Luna Nights, including HP1 Mode and All Skills Mode!


HP1 Mode
HP is softlocked to 1, and for some reason Escape Doll can’t be used (automatically destroyed after purchasing)
Much harder than official mode because you can’t trade hits with bosses , and contains frustration factor (e.g.. The horribly designed semi-Boss Rush at the final area) so only recommended to side scrolling master players for challenge purpose…

“All Skills” Mode (Sort of…)
Despite labled as “All Skills” mode, activate this flag won’t give you all the supportive spells unlike Lona Nights, but dash remains!!!
Being able to utilize dash makes some energy traps much easier to pass through, and dash mechanism contains a whole lot of possibilities; it’s so sad that dash function didn’t find a major showtime to fully flesh out in this game…
Graphics of dash did not exist. Maybe the extra modes are not intended to be used at all

How to activate them
1. Open folder System drive/User/(User Name)/AppData/Local/Deedlit_in_Wonder_Labyrinth
2. Use notepad to open config.ini
3. Add following text, and save the config file:


4. Open the game and browse an empty save slot, two extra labels would be seen in glitched space, move the cursor to the mode which you want to apply on your new save file (using exact the same method as in Luna Nights), and press confirm button. Then the game would be started in one of the leftover extra modes you applied.

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