Resident Evil 2: How to Fix 0x887a0006 Error 2021

Here is a working method for you to fix 0x887a0006 Error 2021.


How to Fix 0x887a0006 Error 2021

  • Press Win + R
  • Type notepad and press Enter
  • Copy/Paste the following code into notepad:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


  • Click on Save as and change the Type to All files
  • Enter a random file name, but make sure to add the .reg extension
  • Double-click on the created .reg
  • It will ask you to confirm. Just click on Yes
  • Close the file and restart your PC
  • Finally, launch the game

If it doesn’t solve your problem, try this method:

  • Go to your Steam folder / steamapps / common / Resident Evil 2
  • Find 2 files – re2_config и re2_config_default
  • Open them with notepad and change the lines with DirectX11 to DirectX12
  • Save the files

Thanks to Al Dali for his great method to fix 0x887a0006 error. all credit to his effort. you can also check out the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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