Resort Boss: Golf – Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips for you to get all achievements and go through the game.


Making Good Holes
One of the worst parts of this game is the AI. They’re absolutely horrible at playing golf. I have sat there and waited literally months for one player to FINALLY get their stupid ball in the stupid hole. The game is also VERY buggy, so sometimes the AI will actually get stuck, and everyone will just sit there, with no one actually playing, and it creates a vicious never ending lineup. There are some ways to help them. These tips will help them play better, so golf happens faster, meaning more golf, meaning more money.
1. Don’t make your hole harder by putting water around it, they can and will constantly hit it in the water. Especially near the green. You will rip your hair out after watching them get it in the lake over and over.
2. Watch out for slopes. If your hole is on a slope, they will CONSTANTLY not hit it hard enough. The AI does NOT account for hills.
3. Sink the ground in for where you want the hole. Realistically, the whole course should be flat (unless in a scenario where you can’t edit terrain). Then, you can put the hole on the exact spot where four tiles meet (preferably four “green” tiles, with the hole in the dead centre), and you can sink just that one spot down a good bit (I did 4 units, but I imagine more would be even better). This way, their ball will always tend towards the hole. By doing this, my golfers were consistently getting hole-in-ones, so the games/tournaments went very quickly.
4. The game does NOT account for simplicity, repetition, or lameness. You can make your tee super close to your hole, and you won’t be punished for it. Then, add a bunch of bunker tiles, just to boost the span/difficulty/risk. I found, using the method in number 3 before this, I have 4 green tiles, 2 fairway, then like 6 bunker, and I get roughly 5/5/5 on span/difficulty/risk, which makes for a good, average hole, that will be completed extremely quickly and easily.
5. Spam these types of holes one after another, with the tee for the next hole being close to the hole they just finished. Just for the sake of avoiding bugs, I left a tile of space around all sides of each hole, just to be safe.
6. Make a bunch of holes into a course, and adjust the course price so it’s a good deal (adjust the price then hit enter, and it will auto update what the price is considered).

A few things to look out for
1. Don’t build too big too fast. For example, spending 250k on a 6 star member’s lounge seems like a good idea, because you’ll get lots of happy members, but instead it will kill you.
2. Watch out for slopes. As mentioned in other places, the AI does NOT adjust for slopes, so they can and will fail repeatedly on a very simple shot, which makes their games take forever, which will kill your game (less tournaments, less rounds, less money).
3. There are TONS of bugs in this game. Saving and exiting the whole game, and reloading your game fixes a lot of bugs. If you close and reopen your resort, then save and exist and reopen, most bugs will be fixed. Some buildings get bugged, so to fix that, just edit them, click the check mark to finish editing, and reposition them.
4. If you cancel a tournament, it will take away all the money your earned from it, which can easily put you 200k in debt, which will kill your resort.

How to make lots of money
Tournaments are the best money making scheme in this game.
1. Skyrocket the price of the tournament.
2. Have tons of players.
3. Have the pot be twice the entrance fee.
4. Give it like 20-30 days of preparation for playerbase to build.
5. Have it on a course with only one hole, that’s incredibly easy (see above for how to make a good hole).
I have made the entrance fee of 100k, the pot was 200k, I had 500 players… Yes… I made a TON of money very quickly.
NOTE: You cannot cancel the tournament, or else you will lose all the money you made, and probably bankrupt yourself. Even if you make the tournament only one easy hole, it will still take a VERY long time for everyone to finish up. You can make it only like 30 players, so they’ll finish up faster, or, you can make your tournament so huge, that you make so much money, that you’ll never have to do it again.
NOTE: There’s a huge problem with the AI causing lag, so if you do get 500 people coming for a tournament, it will horribly lag your game down to like 1 FPS.

Building tips
1. Having more builders doesn’t really matter. If you have three builders working on one site, it takes just as long as if you only had one. They all also seem to flock to the same building, thus making everyone but the first builder useless. Yes. I know that’s stupid.
2. Floors give you the most bang for your buck, BY FAR. Always use all the floor your can, and make your building as big as you can. I used the most expensive flooring available. This way, you can build 6 star buildings, without it costing too much. It seems counter intuitive, but one piece of flooring that costs like $150 will give you more than a $3000 room.
3. The actual layout of the building is completely irrelevant. Really, all you “need” is one piece of floor, and a wall with a door in it. Everything else is just taking up space so that you can increase your star level. Yes, it’s fun to design things, but the insides are never seen again, nor are they used. I really enjoy architecture and interior design, so I was excited about this element, but it’s actually useless, and quite a let down. Just make lots of expensive floors so you can boost the star level.

By Jon.Topps

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