Rising Storm 2 Vietnam: How to Fly Helicopters with the Battlefield Control Scheme

Short and simple guide to show you how to fly much easier with a few simple controls settings changes, as the default control scheme is quite awkward.


Gameplay Settings

Helicopter sensitivity you can see I have cranked up all the way. This is because the higher sensitivity you have, the more control you have over the helicopter since you can turn and shift directions with much less mouse movement

Key Bindings

The key bindings I use are basically the Battlefield series helicopter controls. Reason I use these and recommend others use them is because these controls are much easier to use and they are familiar for many players already (i’ve been using this control scheme to fly helicopters for 15+ years)

The reason I don’t have the pitch or roll actions bound is because with this control scheme, your mouse is the joystick and how you steer and pitch and roll (hence the high sensitivity). You can always bind these to something if you really want, but it kind of defeats the purpose of this control scheme

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