Roblox Dragon Ball Z Final Stand Script: Open Source & POWER METER ADJUSTER (Working 2021)

Here is the Roblox Dragon Ball Z Final Stand script for you to get the Open Source & POWER METER ADJUSTER features in the game. this script is still working now. if it does not work anymore. please let me know.


Roblox Dragon Ball Z Final Stand Open Source Script 2021

Created By Sypse#6005




How to Use This Script

Step 1: Log into your Roblox account.

Step 2: Click the “Tools” option in the top, right menu in your browser window.

Step 3: Click the “Developer Tools” option. The Developer Tools window will open showing the script coding information for the ROBLOX game.

Step 4: Click within the scripting text area and type in your hacking changes to the script.

Step 5: Select the “File” option in the top menu, then save your changes.


About the Game:

Dragon Ball Z Final Stand is a Roblox game based on the Dragon Ball Universe. It’s an open-world RPG that allows you to create a character and take it on its own adventure. You play with other people online and complete quests, fight creatures and bosses for EXP and Zeni.

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