ROE – New Map, New Submarine System and Colossal Squid

New season and map has updated on January 16, The Season 2 pass features three new characters for players to choose from, each of which having two unique styles and appearances.

This guide will go through the simpleness of meeting Europa’s resident colossal squid through the new submarine system.


1.Brief Thing on the new submarines

They only spawn in certain places, as far as I’m aware so far all these certain places will be like this point.

They are essentially the gondolas from Mt. Dione; you don’t have to do anything with them after you start it moving by pressing your forward key. It will just take you to the designated bay at the end of the trip


2. Meeting the squid.

Alright so now we are at the meat and bones of this post.

First thing you want to do is travel to this location on the map north of Ocean Park.
Keep in mind there a two submarine bays here, we want to focus on the left bay.


After you’ve arrived here you simply want to jump in the submarine, hit your forward key and get ready.

3. End Location

This one is pretty simple, these photos do most of the work for me.


The red circle shows the approximate area of the squid’s cave


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