Roguebook: All Talents List (How to Unlock)

Here is a list of all character and party talents.



Hopefully I’ve caught all talents there are. If there’s one missing, please tell me and I might add it to the list.

Talents unlock at certain deck sizes: 14, 18, 22, 26, 30, 34 cards.
There is a treasure to reduce the necessary deck size by four cards for each tier.

The probability to get a certain talent should be:

at the start of the run:
(number of talents picked up total (determined by deck size)) / (number of talents inside the branch you want to get the talent from)

during the run:
(number of talent picks left (determined by deck size)) / (number of talents inside the branch you want to get the talent from – number of talents already picked in total (doesn’t matter which branch))

2 Talents picked already that were not the talent you are looking for. Your deck will probably reach 30 cards, so you expect to pick up three more talents. Sharra has 9 Talents in total, 2 of them are already out of the pool. The chance to get a certain talent of the remaining seven within the next three talent unlocks is:

2 / (9 – 3) = 2 / 6 = 33,3%.

Please note that different heroes seem to have a different numbers of possible talents.

Aurora Talents

  • Amphibian Affinity – Start each battle with 8 Frogs. (Ally – 1 Spirit – Aggressive, Swarm, at the end of each turn, this loses 1 spirit.)
  • Brain Size Matters – Vaults of Wisdom can be visited twice.
  • Cold Blood – When Aurora is at 5 health or less, draw an additional card (official wording needed).
  • Kappa Strength – Whenever you Dissolve a card, Aurora gains 1 Power.
  • Longevity – At the end of your turn, Aurora heals life equal to your hand size.
  • Perfect Clarity – When you block an attack for the exact right amount, draw two cards. The cost 0 for the rest of the battle.
  • Sagacity – Start each battle with 3 Sips in hand.
  • Seven Inches Taller – Aurora has +7 maximum life.
  • Sixth Sense Each turn, the sixth card you draw costs (1) less this turn.
  • Soothing Mists – The leading enemy has -2 Power.
  • Tea for Two – Whenever you use Aurora’s teapot, heal the other hero for half the amount.

Seifer Talents

  • Adamant Blood – Receive no wounds when Seifer dies.
  • Boiling Blood – At the start of each battle, Seifer gains 10 Rage.
  • Burning Mind – Whenever Seifer becomes enraged, draw a card and gain (1)
  • Dark Thoughts – Once per battle, click Seifer to gain 10 Rage and move him to the front.
  • Face to Face – At the end of each turn, if Seifer is leading he gains 5 Rage.
  • Feet of Fire – Whenever the heroes swa, Seifer gains 3 Rage.
  • Greed – Gain 15 more gold per battle.
  • Life Tap – When an enemy dies, if it wasn’t a summon, Seifer heals 3 life.
  • Loyal Minion – Start each battle with a Brute (Ally – 5 Spirit – Aggresive)
  • Malice – When an enemy takes damage, Seifer gains 1 Rage.
  • Ringleader – Damage from allies inflict 1 Bleed.

Sharra Talents

  • Alacrity – Once per battle, click on Sharra to attack the leading enemy for 15 and Retreat
  • Courageous – Sharra starts each battle with 3 Courage.
  • Fly Weight – Whenever you end your turn with no cards in hand, Sharra gains 1 Power
  • Hidden Blades – Start each battle with 4 Daggers.
  • Knife Juggling – Whenever Sharra adds a Dagger to your hand, add twice as many.
  • Momentum – Whenever you swap, Sharra gains 1 Power this turn.
  • Resilience – Whenever Sharra takes damage, she gains two stacks of Courage
  • Take Cover – Whenever Sharra takes damage from an enemy attack, she retreats and gains 4 Power next turn.
  • Warmed Up – Every 3 times your characters swap, gain (1).

Sorocco Talents

  • Adaptive Hide – The first time Sorocco takes damage each turn, he gains 5 Block.
  • Bouncer – If you still have block at the end of enemies’ turn, add a Headbang to your hand.
  • Brew Master – Increase Fortifying Brew’s Block to 5.
  • Daredevil – At the start of your turn, if Sorocco is leading draw a card.
  • Fortune – Vaults of Wisdom always offer 1 card with one random gem in it.
  • Guardian – Whenever either of the heroes play a Defend, draw a card
  • Insatiable – All future cards gained have 2 gem sockets.
  • Powered Fist – The first attack Sorocco makes each turn gains +5 Power.
  • Quick Reflexes – Once per battle, click on Sorocco to gain 15 Block and move him to the front.
  • Regeneration – At the End of each battle, Sorocco heals 8 life.
  • Stone Skin – Sorocco has +1 max life for each card in your deck,
  • Strongman – Each turn, the first time you play a card that costs (2) or more, gain (1).

Party Talents

  • Bargain Hunter – The shop chargest 25% less gold.
  • Charismatic – Allies cost (1) less.
  • Expert Looter – At the end of each battle, gain 1 gold for every two cards in your deck.
  • Hardy – At the end of each battle, both heroes heal 3.
  • Head Start – Gain (1) and draw a card at the start of each battle.
  • Heroic Bond – Both Heroes gain +1 Power.
  • Quick Thinking – When you have no cards in hand, draw a card
  • Rending Blow – The first hit of the battle inflicts Bleed equal to half the damage dealt.
  • Second Wind – At the start of turn 5, the heroes gain 3 Power
  • Stoicism – At the start of each turn, gain 5 Block. This effect ends once you shuffle your deck.
  • Story Teller – Start each battle with a Story Teller. (Ally – 2 Spirit – Activate: Draw a card.)
  • Wayfarer – Whenever you use a brush, reveal two extra adjacent tiles at random.

Thanks to live die repeat for his guide on how to unlock all talents. you can also check out the original guide from Steam Community.

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