SAMURAI MAIDEN: All Achievements Guide (38/38)

Here is a short guide on how to get all 38 achievements (ver. 1.0).



Achievements List


Acquired all trophies.

Priestess of Harmony

Achieved S on all battlefields across all difficulty levels.

Conquer Normal Mode!

Cleared the Main Story on Normal mode.

Conquer Hard Mode!

Cleared the Main Story on Hard mode.

Conquer Demonic Mode!

Cleared the Main Story on Demonic mode.

Iyo & Me

Cleared all of Iyo’s Bubble Pockets on Normal mode.

Hagane & Me

Cleared all of Hagane’s Bubble Pockets on Normal mode.

Komimi & Me

Cleared all of Komimi’s Bubble Pockets on Normal mode.


Enhanced a weapon for the first time.

Sword Savant

Enhanced all of Tsumugi’s weapons to the max level.

Kunai King

Enhanced all of Iyo’s weapons to the max level.

Tekko Terrorizer

Enhanced all of Hagane’s weapons to the max level.

Hammer Hero

Enhanced all of Komimi’s weapons to the max level.

Ninja Tool: Bomb’s Away

Used a Bomb.

Ninja Tool: Tick, Tick, Boom

Used a Timed Bomb.

Ninja Tool: Devious Decoys

Used a Decoy.

Ninja Tool: Watch Your Step

Used a Mine.

Ninja Tool: Rapid Recovery

Used a Recovery Potion.

First Memory

Unlocked a memory in the Album.

Memories of Iyo

Unlocked all memories of Iyo.

Memories of Hagane

Unlocked all memories of Hagane.

Memories of Komimi

Unlocked all memories of Komimi.

The Unforgettable Underworld

Collected all memory fragments.

Ninja Skill: Light It Up

Activated Iyo’s Ninja Skill 1, Tsubame Fireworks.

Ninja Skill: Fists of Fury

Activated Hagane’s Ninja Skill 1, Lightning Fist.

Ninja Skill: A Cool Reception

Activated Komimi’s Ninja Skill 1, Ice Smash.

Iyo’s Ninjutsu, Activate!

Activated Iyo’s Ninjutsu.

Hagane’s Ninjutsu, Activate!

Activated Hagane’s Ninjutsu.

Komimi’s Ninjutsu, Activate!

Activated Komimi’s Ninjutsu.

When I’m with Iyo…

Performed Devoted Heart with Iyo.

When I’m with Hagane…

Performed Devoted Heart with Hagane.

When I’m with Komimi…

Performed Devoted Heart with Komimi.


Defeated a total of 1,000 enemies.


Defeated a total of 5,000 enemies.


Defeated a total of 15,000 enemies.

Vanquishing the Tiger of Kai

Defeated Shingen Takeda.

Vanquishing the Dragon of Echigo

Defeated Kenshin Uesugi.

Vanquishing the Demon Lord

Defeated the Demon Lord.

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