Sands of Salzaar: All Characters (Skills & Arcana & Specialty)

Here is a quick list of all Characters with their skills.
cd = cooldown (seconds)


Psychic Buller : Fire a psychic bullet that cannot be evaded/blocked, slows down enemies by 50% for 5sec and deals additional damage to all enemies within 300 cubits. 50 Mana/ 5 cd.
Upgrade : Shots more bullets.

Summon Shade : Summons 5 shades to fight for you, lasts 25seconds. 500 Mana/ 60 cd.
Shades are highly mobile melee fighter.
Upgrade : Duration 20 -> 40sec.
Upgrade : Shades gain more Health/ Attack.

Space-Time Portal : Teleport to a target location. 50 Mana/ 15 cd.
Upgrade : Teleport all allies within 800cubits with you.
Upgrade : Teleport and stun (5 sec) all enemies within 800cubits with you.

Psy Blast : Does 2.5x Magic Aoe Damage and stuns for 3sec. 500 Mana/ 30 cd.
Upgrade : Doubles Psy Blast’s range and increases damage to 3.5x.

Psy Bolt : Deal Aoe Magic Damage and increases damage taken by 30% for 10sec. 500 Mana/ 30 cd.
Upgrade : Range increases. Debuff goes from 30% 10sec to 50% 15sec.


Most Wanted : Summons 2 Bounty Hunters, they get +25% Health/Attack and last for 30 seconds. 150 Mana/ 90 cd.
Can be upgraded 5 times to summon more powerful Hunters with +X% Health/Attack.

Bounty Frenzy : Backstab (2x Damage) deals an additional Aoe 1.5x damage to surrounding enemies. Cooldown reset if enemy is knocked down, gain 3 Ultar. 50 Mana/ 5 cd.
Upgrade : + Backstab attack multiplier.

Hook Hold : Mark your current location. By activating the skill again release a smoke bomb,deal 2x damage, launch the targets into the air and teleport there to recover 5% health. 150 Mana/ 15 cd.
Upgrade : Recover 10% Health when using your hook to pull back to your marked position.
Upgrade : Increase damage dealt by smoke bomb to 2.5x.

Sickle Hook : Hook and pull an enemy toward you. Receive 3 Utar if an enemy is killed by this skill. 150 Mana/ 10 cd.

Burning Rain : Arrows rain from the sky, dealing x2.5 Aoe Damage within 800 cubits and burning them. 200 Mana/ 20 cd.


Slam : Deal 2x Aoe Damage (x0.02 Strength) to enemies within 500 cubits and recover 10% of all damage dealt as health. Knockbacks enemies.
In beast form, recovery is increased to 20% and enemies are launched into the air for 3sec. 10 Mana/ 5 cd.

Crunch : Deal 2x Aoe Damage (+0.02 Strength) 300 cubits in front of you and recover 10% of damage dealt as health.
In beast form recovery increases to 20%. 10 Mana/ 3 cd.
Upgrade : Health recovery increases.

Shamanic Cry of Rage : Summon a Canis for 15 seconds. 150 Mana/ 25 cd.
Upgrade : Increase own CC rate by 100% for 10seconds.
Upgrades : Can summon 2 more.

Howl : Deal 3x Aoe Damage to all enemies within 800cubits. 150 Mana/ 25 cd..
When enemies are above 20% pv they are confused.
If under 20% they get knocked down and a Cheetah is summoned at their location.
Upgrade : Knocking down enemies will summon a Yeti Chef for 15seconds. In beast form how duration is increased to 15seconds.

Beast Stampede : Summon 50 Wild Boards who deal 2x Damage and launch enemies into the air. They disappear upon hitting an enemy. 350 Mana/ 20 cd.
Upgrade : In beast mode summon 100 Boards.

Dragon Blood : Turn into a giant dragon after collecting 5 Shaman points. (Activate Dragon Strength in campaign to unlock)

(Passive) Shaman : Each kill gives +1 Shaman point and increases your body size by +10%. At +50% size transform into a beast. Double damage for 20sec. Basic attack is Aoe.


Dervish : Launch enemies into the air and deal 0.5x Damage. 150Mana.

Double Slash : 2 Aoe strikes in front of you. 100Mana.

Sky Slash : Close distance to an enemy and deliver multiple high damage strikes. 250Mana.

Whirling Chop : Delivers Aoe Dot Damage (damage over time) with high cooldown and high cost. 500Mana, 30 sec cooldown.

Assassinate : 10 random enemies take multiple attacks. 250Mana.

Sky Fiend : Leap to the target and deal massive dmg. Adds 1 tier of Frenzy. 200Mana.

Sword Sworn : Heal 30% of health, gain dmg reduction (it stacks) and deal x0.5 Damage to all enemies in range. 350Mana, 25 sec cooldown.


Flashcut : Teleport to an enemy and slash everyone within 150cubits. Deals 2x Damage. 150Mana.

Ghostly Grip : Seize an enemy and drag him and everyone in the path/near him to you. Stun and deal damage. Ignores objects in path. 50Mana.

Flashstep : Charge 2500 cubits and deal x2 Damage to everyone hit. 150Mana.

Karod’s Occult Slash : Flash 1500cubits foward to deliver x3 Damage to enemies within 300cubits. 150Mana.

Triple Flourish : Chose one direction then chain teleport accros the battlefield in random 3 straight lines and deal 3x Damage to everyone hit. 300Mana. (refreshes cooldown for every other skill)


Darkmoon Thorn : Backstab an enemy and inflict Darkmoon Mark. x1.5 Damage (+0.02Agility) (max 2.5). 50Mana.

New Moon’s Light : Teleport to an enemy and deal damage at the point of origin. Adds Mark. 50Mana.

Phantom Shot : A shot that deals 1 Aoe Damage (+ 0.01Agility) (max 2x) in a radius of 500 subits, everyone hit gets a Mark.

If skill is activated again teleport to the location and deal Aoe Critical Damage then hide in the shadows for 2sec. 150Mana.

Dark Side of the Moon : Trigger all Marks. Deal damage equal to the number of marks x0.5 (max 10x). Enter Shadowform for 15seconds. 300Mana.

Shadowform Increases attack by +3% per mark triggered (max 90%). All other skills get +1% leach (per mark, max 15%) (leach = absorb health).


Skull Bash : Deal Aoe Damage, knockback and stun the targets for 2sec. 30Mana.

Brutal Collision : Charge in a direction by pulling enemies along, stunning them and dealing x3 damage. 100Mana.

Berserker Roar : Increase AttackSpeed and CC rate of all allies within 800cubits by 50% for 10 Seconds (max 20 sec).

With upgrade can heal 15%, and slow down enemies by 30%. 150Mana.

Berserker Jump : Jump to a target position by dealing x4 Damage within 500cubits and gain resilience for 3 sec (max 6 ). 150Mana.

Berserker Primal Dance : Send 3 heavy axes in a target direction, follow up with a Jump Cut. 200Mana.


Hook Hold : Pull yourself towards an enemy and deal x1.5 (max 2.5) Damage to all enemies within 300cubits and gain resilience for 3sec. 50Mana.

Shockwave : Deal 2.5x Aoe Damage and launch the targets into the air. 30Mana.

Taunt : Taunt all enemies within 500 cubits for 8seconds and reduce damage taken by 50% for 5 seconds. 150Mana.

Enlarge : Become a Giant for 15 seconds. Increase your attack and reduce damage taken by 50%. Recover 1% health per second. Normal attacks deal x3 Damage and taunt targets.

Aftershock : Create a 500 cubits crater for 5seconds. Enemies inside are stunned and pulled towards you. Deals up to 4x Aoe Damage. 150Mana.


Boomerang : Throw a boomerang which flies up to 2500 cubits dealing x2 damage and stunning everyone hit, returns. 150Mana.

Gun : Fire 30bullets at the rate of 1bullet every 0.1sec, dealing fixed 26 damage (+ level x 2 + Spirit) and apply bleed. 200Mana.

Turret : Assemble an arrow turret that lasts 75seconds, can lauch explosive arrows. May be destroyed. 250Mana.

Firebomb : Command a siege chariot from outside the battlefied that throws 30/45 fireballs at selected areas. Each deals x3 Aoe Magic Damage and applies burn Dot and knocks down targets. 300Mana, 30sec cooldown.

Bounty Hunter

Most Wanted : Summon 2 other Bounty Hunters, they get +25% Health/attack, last 30seconds. Can summon up to legendary Hunters. 150Mana.

Bounty Frenzy : Backstab (x2 Damage) deals an additional x1.5 Aoe Damage to surrounding enemies. Cooldown is reseted if enemies are killed, gain 3 Ultar. 50Mana.

Seismic Shock : Deal x2.5 Aoe Damage, targets are launched into the air for 1 second. 100Mana.

Titan Roar : Stunn all enemies within 500cubits up to 5 seconds and deal damage.

Titan Breach : Transform into a giant. Get a shield which absorbs 100% of your max health and increase your dmg by 50%/100%. Lasts 15/20 seconds.


Charge : As Human charge 1000cubits and deal x1 Damage to everyone hit.
As Beast charge 1000cubits and deal x2 Damage and recover 10% of dmg dealt. 0 Mana, cooldown 10sec.

Claw : As Human deal x1 Damage to everyone in a radius of 300cubits.
As Beast unleash a shockwave in a radius of 300cubits that travels 1000cubits and creates a path.
While enemies are on the path they take +100% damage. 0 Mana, 4sec cooldown.

Wolf Form : Transform into a wolf for 30seconds. Recover 20health/sec, gain 50Attack, increased CC rate and attacks deal +30%. 300Mana, 40sec cooldown.

Howl : Stun enemies within 500cubits for 5sec. 150Mana.

Lighting : Lighting strikes a random position within 100cubits dealing 133dmg to all enemies within 200cibuts and reducing their Attack and Movement Speed by 50% for 5sec. 150Mana.

Eagle Form : Transform into a soaring eagle for 20seconds. Recover 20health and 30mana/sec. Increase Evade by 20% and Movement by 100. 500Mana, cooldown 40sec.

Fire Dragon : Transform into a fire dragon for 15seconds. Recover 100health/sec and get increased Attack, CC rate and Block by 50%.
By upgrading you can activate 2 auras to burn everyone within 1000cubits, increase CC by 20%. 1500Mana, cooldown 120sec.

That’s all I share about “Sands of Salzaar: All Characters (Skills & Arcana & Specialty)”. hope this guide will help you.

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