Sands of Salzaar: All Maps of Playable Region (V1.0)

Full maps of the playable region for the release version of Sands of Salzaar. Spy on everything: from unique legacy boss encounters to every loot-able instance of jade!


Redstone Valley

Level 5 Dungeon
Abandoned Redstone Mine
Rewards: Prismatic Robe, Viper’s Fang, Broadsword, Spike Armor, Wooden Wand, Sand Harness, Fine Iron Knife, Fireball Wand, Hunter’s Longbow, Longspear, Breeze Necklace, Carapace CuirassLevel 18 Dungeon
Pahoehoe Lava Void
Rewards: Ash Gold Robe, Ghostflame, Golden Armor, Firecaller, Felflame Staff, Warhammer – Earthbreaker, or Ash Armor

Level 17 Sanctuary
Redstone Keep
Rewards: Ember Hammer – Dragonflame, Ember Treasure – Flame Bomb, Ember Claymore – Burnout, or Ember Core

Level 15 Legacy Boss
Lizard Maiden
Southeast of Ember Camp. Succeed before 120 days have passed to earn 9 legacy points.

Level 15 Legacy Boss
Sol Warrior
Northwest of Gelding Village. Sacrifice a polearm (spear) in order to draw out the target. Succeed before 120 days have passed to earn 12 legacy points.

Level 17 Legacy Boss
The Fallen One
East of Precipice Village. Sacrifice 200 food in order to draw out the target. Succeed before 120 days have passed to earn 12 legacy points.

Umbra Hills

Level 7 Dungeon
Fleur Caves
Rewards: Longspear, Feather Robe, Flower Harp, Spike Armor, Hunter’s Longbow, Flowing Spear – Heavy Cloud, Fireball Wand, Mountainbreaker, Frost Wand, or Traveling HarpLevel 10 Dungeon
Forest Mirage
Rewards: Viper’s Fang, Ashlight Armor, Viper Harness, Greylight Spear, Magic Blade – Shattered Moon, Vine Cuirass, or Poison Wand

Level 16 Dungeon
Arbor Palace
Rewards: Giant Bow – Heavenstar, Ash Gold Ring, Roaring Blade, Poison Wand, Distant Spear, Gold Ring, or Golden Spear

Level 17 Sanctuary
Rewards: Sledgehammer – Rain of Storms or Sealed – Storm Scimitar

Level 17 Sanctuary
Rewards: Dragonscale Cuirass

Level 17 Sanctuary
Rewards: Phoenix Bow, Sub Weapon – Full Bloom, or Nova Crystal

Zagros Mountains

Level 8 Dungeon
Herb Valley
Rewards: Hunter’s Longbow, White Rose Gloves, Scimitar, Featherwood Armor, Light Feather, Ring of Moonlight, Water Rune Blade – Blue Shadow, or Frost WandLevel 14 Dungeon
Snow Caverns
Rewards: White Rose Ceremonial Sword, White Rose Elder Gloves, Thunderblade, White Rose Elder Sash, Warhammer – Asylum, Ash Gold Ring, Dancing Harp, White Rose Elder Emblem, Radiant Wand, or Iceblade – Cold Jade

Level 16 Dungeon
Ritual Caverns
Rewards: Poisoned Sword – Cyan, Mastigure Knight Emblem, Lone Wolf’s Whisper, Dyed Shawl, Ash Gold Robe, Ancient Wand, Sub Weapon – Blink, or Lightning Staff

Level 20 Dungeon
Zagros Giant Formation
Rewards: Ancient Battle Cuirass, Giant’s Holy Hammer, Battlecry, Powder Ring, Lightning Staff, Ring of Cyan Fog, or Giant’s Armor

Level 17 Legacy Boss
South of Limestone Village. Succeed before 120 days have passed to earn 9 legacy points.

Level 18 Legacy Boss
Ice Princess
Northeast of Qebui Keep. Succeed before 120 days have passed to earn 12 legacy points.

Level 17 Sanctuary
Rewards: Palatial Treasure – Golden Harp, Broken Sword – First Snow, or First Snow Core

Level 17 Sanctuary
Qebui Keep
Rewards: Sealed – Polar Spear, Sealed Sub Weapon – Icewind, or Sealed Polar Pearl

Level 17 Sanctuary
Frost Valley
Rewards: Sorcerer’s Blade – Piercing Cold, Crost Cuirass, or Treasure – Snow Moon Robe

West Docana Desert

Level 17 Sanctuary
Rewards: Wildsand ArmorLevel 17 Sanctuary
Camel Bell Bazaar
Rewards: Divine Ring – Nasir’s Wrath, Dragonfang, or Ancient – Oath of Admiration

Level 17 Sanctuary
Rewards: Broken Blade – Wildsand or Ancient Crystal

Twinluna Valley

Level 5 Dungeon
Secret Hideout
Rewards: Smith’s Clothes, Mountainbreaker, Carapace Cuirass, Fireball Wand, Flower Harp, Primal Ghoul Armor, Great River Ring, or Featherwood ArmorLevel 12 Dungeon
Agadir Caves
Rewards: Bahar Spear, Blue Shadow Uniform, Carapace Cuirass, Water Rune Blade – Blue Shadow, Bahar Shell Crown, Ancient Cuirass, Elite Bahar Cuirass, or Corrugated Blade

Level 16 Dungeon
Bone Caves
Rewards: Claymore – Howler, Dyed Shawl, Rose Gold Blade, Rose Gold Ring, or Rose Gold Armor

Level 17 Sanctuary
Rewards: Bahar Treasure – Awakened Necklace

Level 17 Sanctuary
Golden Bazaar
Rewards: Palatial Treasure – Golden Harp or Treasure – Blade of Light

Level 17 Sanctuary
Halfmoon Hills Bazaar
Rewards: Ancient Trident, Dragonbone Necklace, or Dragonshadow Armor

Crying Rock

Level 7 Dungeon
Pottery Workshop
Rewards: Fine Hammer, Elegant Coat, Flower Harp, Snakeskin Harness, Sand Harness, Fireball Wand, Flowing Spear – Heavy Cloud, Giant Rock Blade, Scimitar, or Great River RingLevel 10 Dungeon
Sirocco Valley
Rewards: Feather Robe, Centaur Spear, Warhammer, Flame Harness, Fireball Wand, White Rose Gloves, or Radiant Wand

Level 17 Sanctuary
Amaranth Town
Rewards: Ancient – Ghoulstone Hammer or Ancient – Black Warlock Robe

Level 17 Sanctuary
Triptych Rock
Rewards: Bow of Flowing Winds or Centaur Treasure – Sirocco Ring

Level 17 Sanctuary
Cotta Town
Rewards: Sealed – Whistling Harp or Heavensong Harp

Ifrit Domain

Level 20 Dungeon
Widow’s Cave
Rewards: Sentry – Ritual Sword, Flowerbloom, Bahar Harp, Felflame Staff, Hidden Blade – Hunter, Powder Ring, Chain Lightning Staff, Ancient Crystal, Wildsand ArmorLevel 20 Dungeon
Twisted Tower
Can only be reached by entering an Ifrit Domain portal which randomly exits you at another portal.
Rewards: Ember Crossbow, White Rose Archmaster Emblem, Death Wand, Chain Lightning Staff, Divine Bow – Serius, Rogue Stone, Felflame Staff, Legendary, Stormcloud Cuirass

Map Legend
Numbers written below an icon is the level recommended by the game.
Green numbers indicate regiment battles.
Yellow numbers indicate party battles.
Red numbers indicate solo battles.

A regiment battle for food.
A regiment battle for wood.
A regiment battle for ironstone ore.
A free resource node or a regiment battle in which the most notable reward is a small amount of jade.
Regional Travel
Transition from one area to another.
Inventory Upgrades
Exchanges one additional inventory slot for 500 utar. Also serves as a permanent storage warehouse.
Beast Merchant
Sells packs of monsters such as snakes, wolves, and bears.
Mount Merchant
Sells mounts at a slightly higher cost.
Book Merchant or Forbidden Library
The book merchant sells skill scrolls for jade; forbidden libraries are guarded by ice dragons and leave behind attribute potions & wisdom crystals.
Infrequently hosts a gathering of merchants selling attribute potions, equipment, and resources.
For 50 jade, any carried piece of equipment can be given a new set of legendary properties.
Magic Item Merchants
For 5 jade, a random piece of magic equipment is awarded.
Siege Engineers
For commanding a squad of eight, the engineer in Redstone Valley will sell a ballista.

For bearing a prestige of 15 in West Docana Desert, the engineer in West Docana Desert will sell a trebuchet.

Arcana Training
Fire from Redstone Keep – Clear Pahoehoe Lava Void.
Ice from Frost Valley – Clear Zagros Giant Formation.
Thunder from Crying Rock – Clear Leviathan Bone Caves.
Light from Halfmoon Hills Bazaar – Clear Arbor Palace.
Dark from Nagukka – Exchange a level 12 legendary item.
Alchemy from Camel Bell Bazaar – Exchange a level 12 legendary item.
Houses a village elder and has one construction zone.
Houses a mercenary captain, a waitress, a better merchant, and multiple construction zones.
Ifrit Fortress
Sturdy settlement belonging to the Ifrit race.
Rally Flag
When bound, that specific flag can be warped to via scroll, or respawned at upon defeat.
Prestige Monument
Each monument adds progress to an additional talent point.
Repair Tools
A battle in which the primary reward is a single use of a repair hammer.
EXP Crystals
A regiment battle for experience crystals.
A party battle for equipment.
A regiment battle for a random monster ally. Monsters capable of unlocking achievements can be found here.
A party battle for a random ally.
White Rose Potion
A party battle for a single White Rose potion.
Well of Exile
A party battle for both jade and invisibility from hostile entities on the map.
Party battles against multiple encounters followed by a boss.
Heroic Soul
A solo battle against a high-level foe for equipment.
Legacy Boss
A solo battle against a high-level foe for legacy points (but only before the 120th day).


Bag icon made by DinosoftLabs; Wizard icon made by Flat Icons; Adventure-Game, Antidote, Booth, Castle, Catapult, Chicken-Leg, Coal, Enemy, Flag, Fortress, Gift, Hammer, Horse, Locked-Door, Monument, Open-Book, Portal, Rating, Signpost, Star, Village, Wood icons made by Freepik; Dungeon icon made by Fuzzee; Swords icon made by Good Ware; Hidden icon made by Karacis; Jade icon made by smalllikeart; Blacksmith icon made by Smashicons; and Wolf icon made by tulpahn; all from

Thanks to Tran for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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