Save the Reactor: How to Unlock All Hidden Items & Endings

A guide that shows how to unlock every hidden item.



Some of these challenges are quite obvious and some are a bit tricky. Coming up with a solution yourself for the non-obvious ones is actually quite fun. In this guide you’ll find out how to complete all of them. That said let’s dive into the guide.

Blinking symbols


You’ll need to place the symbols the way they are shown on the paper. The simplest way of doing this is by letting the panel go red. When all of the symbols are blinking you can rearrange them and complete this task.



This one requires you to type 666 in the code panel (calculator one works too). You must also have atleast 666 energy generated, so it will only work in day 7 and above. You can do it in day 6 but it’s easy to miss since you only have 700 max energy there.

Blue buttons


This is a tricky one. You need to make a snake-like pattern with the lit buttons. Problem is they lit up randomly so just getting this accidentaly is nearly impossible. The way to do it is to let all of the buttons light up. It will take some time so you’d better try it during day 9 where you will also be able to pick the mods. Get the cooling stuff and extra time for safety. Once you see this panel appear set its power to the maximum and wait until it shines blue while maintaining the other panels. When you get all 57 buttons to light up set the power to 1 and press the unnecessary buttons to get the pattern.

Gamepad symbols


This one is for the far right panel with the gamepad symbols. Get 500 energy and press the buttons in the same order they are shown on the paper.



This is a labyrinth from bottom-right panel. Get 400 energy and move to the designated spot. All variations of the labyrinth are actually just rotations of a single one so you can complete this task on any of them.



The paper says you need to erase the two spots of the 4 8 15 16 23 42 panel. For that you’re gonna use the blackboard eraser. Getting both of these panels is random except for day 8 where you start with both of them. Once you reveal the switches just press them and you got it.

6 buttons


Far right panel. Get 1200 energy (only possible at day 9 or 10, or endless). Then make the buttons the same color as in the paper.

Clicker button


Warm-up your finger and press that button 1000 times. Progress you make is persistent between days.


You get 3 items for different ending variations on day 10.

  1. Follow the alien instructions and complete the sequence afterwards.
  2. Fail the sequence after completing the alien instructions.
  3. Get reactor heat to the maximum and blow-up.


Now when you’ve got all of the items, good luck getting that last ending.

Thanks to Asgaard for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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