Scars of Summer Guide: Controls, Characters, H-Scene and H-Routes

I wanted to do this, because the game is a little unclear in some points so I thought giving some tips would save people from going through the same trouble I went through.



    Key Board controls

  • Q This will bring up your phone so you can either call Ryoka, who might answer and give you clues where she might be, or look up lewd threads on a forum (mostly about Ryoka). You can only use this 3 times a day unless you buy chargers.
  • W – This will bring up the calendar. Use this to check the day and upcoming events
  • T – Fast forward the time 1 hour.
  • A – Teleport you back in front of your house.
  • C – This will close Ryoka’s diary which you use to watch h-scenes. Note that to watch the H-scenes you must click the heart icon in Ryoka’s Diary
  • Z and Space – Confirm choices, interact with objects, and move to the next dialog. Hold Z for a faster move through dialog
  • X – Deny choices/choose the 2nd option for choices and pull up the menu.
  • Ctrl -Fast skip through text
  • Arrow Keys – Move the character around.

Otherwise you can just use your mouse move around by click on where you want the character to go.

Also note: Moving into and out of a building can forward time by 25 minutes.



  • Keita: Main Character and who you will be playing as.

  • Ryoka: The main Heroine of this game and childhood friend to Keita

  • Saki: The elder sister to the main heroine and guardian to Keita while he’s staying with them

  • Oyama: A dirty old man who lives in the village in a house to the right of the town hall.

  • Masaru: A wimpy guy who is the other childhood friend to Keita and Ryoka. He works at the bathhouse just below the town hall.

  • Nobuo: A spoiled rich kid who lives in the mansion to the upper right exit of your home. Usually found around the tent to the upper left exit of the village.
    *Image of location coming soon*

  • Daisuke: A loud, dumb, and muscular employee from the video store in town (building to the upper right)

     *better image coming soon*

  • Vagrant: Homeless guy who lives in the slums in the park downtown. You got to take the train

  • Yasui: Delinquent and Playboy classmate. Can be found at the school in the upper right corner of the class room (Upper left corner of the school)
    *Image of Location Coming Soon*

H-Scene Overview/Guide

Introductions to the routes.

To trigger the route for one of the antagonists you must interact with the characters with the exclamation marks (!) above their head. Most of the time these (!) will only appear while Ryoka is with you. I’ll go over more on triggering start each route later on. The H-events for each route seem to overwrite other route H-events. At time it seem random which route H-events will trigger when playing a game where multiple antagonists’ routes are triggered. I recommend only triggering 1 character route and then proceeding with his route until you hit the point when they first sleep with Ryoka, afterward it seem like that route will have precedence over other routes events. But again it kind of random so you may want to just trigger 1 route at a time if you want to see all the events for that route. Note you can trigger all of Saki routes without any worry because she’s on a fix schedule so it easy to predict when each of her events will take place.

Final Note: I won’t go step by step into each event. Just a general overview of getting the route started and a few tips for the part where the game don’t tell you where to look or go.


Saki H-Scenes

Saki has 3 routes and you will see her scene as soon as you interact with the pink hearts for her scene. The main character must be alone to get to view the scene for Saki. The schedule for these routes is posted on the cabinet next to the fridge in the kitchen of Ryoka’s house

Monday and Saturday: To start this route you need to visit the town hall and interact with Saki (!) on days she’s working. Do this 2 times. On the 3rd time you enter the building on a day she’s working, she will be in the large empty room surrounded by a bunch of men (on the right side), just interact with the door and you’ll initiate the scene. After a couple of time the door will be lock, simply head to the bathroom on the right and you’ll be able to interact with the (!) to climb up and peak on her from above. 4 H-scenes over all.

Tuesday and Thursday: To start this route you just need to visit the shop (last house on the upper left, Just before you get to the bridge leading out of the left side of village). Just talk to the old man behind the desk and he’ll has for an item. Most item are at the convenient store in town.
*Image coming soon*
The last item (Bride Stealer) can only be bought by the hooded figure in Downtown

Once you have given the item simply wait until 2 PM so that the two of them go up stair and the pink heart appears. Overall 3 H-scenes.

*Image coming soon*
Wednesday and Sunday: To start this route you need to go downtown. Then go to the exam-prep facility at the south of Downtown and past the Vagrant. In the park/slum, talk to the homeless guy that’s next to Saki with the (!) on him. Do this 2 times. After that there will be a scene the next time you visit them outside, after which the heart will keep appearing on the tent to the right. Lastly, you can also find a photo left outside the homeless shelter at the upper right of the park slum. You got press Z to interact with it.

Overall 4 H-scenes.

Ryoka H-scenes

Note: We will update later.

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