Scrap Mechanic: How to Easily Adjust Crude Oil Yield

I’m sure grinding in survival will be addressed by devs, it’s early access after all, but as a temporary solution crude oil yield can be increased. There are already mods that tweak quantities of some resources, but since they require manual installation I figured you might as well adjust values to your liking.

Note: it will change quantities for existing saves as well


Oil geyser yield

1. Go to steam apps folder and then to \Scrap Mechanic\Survival\Scripts\game\harvestable
2. Find the file OilGeyser.lua and open for edit (notepad will do, do not use Word etc.)
3. Find the line

sm.container.collect( container, obj_resource_crudeoil, 1 )

Change the “1” in this line to value you want, e.g.

sm.container.collect( container, obj_resource_crudeoil, 5 )

4. Save the file, start the game.
Be careful not to remove any commas or parentheses.

Glue clam yield
If you also want to change clam yield
1. In the same folder (\Scrap Mechanic\Survival\Scripts\game\harvestable) open SlimyClam.lua
2. Find the line

lootQuantity = 1

3. Change “1” to other value
4. Save the file, start the game

Component Kits drop
I personally find grinding for Component Kits annoying, so I modified Haybot’s loot to always drop a Component Kit. If you want this as well:

1. Go to folder \Scrap Mechanic\Survival\Scripts\game
2. Open survival_loot.lua
3. Find the section

local loot_haybot = {
slots = function() return randomStackAmount( 0, 0.5, 1 ) end,
randomLoot = {
{ uuid = obj_consumable_component, chance = 1 },
{ uuid = obj_resource_circuitboard, chance = 2 },

4. Replace this whole section with

local loot_haybot = {
slots = function() return 1 end,
randomLoot = {
{ uuid = obj_consumable_component, chance = 1 },

5. Save, start the game

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