Secret World Legends: Trial of Dragon Guide

A quick text guide for the Shadowy Forest Mission “Trial of the Dragon”, for the Flames segment.


Warrior Overview

If you haven’t done this part yet – find any NPC labelled “Romany Warrior” in the forest. There’s one near the camp, just north of the wrecked Orochi station thing – 780, 922.

Interact with them to Initiate the Boxing minigame.

DO NOT attack when they are doing the “Hunkered Down” attack, or you will get hit with a huge counter! Wait it out. Trade blows, bring in one or two big hits and then settle in with alternating small hits. There’s no penalty afaik for losing, just a cooldown. You’ll get a little golf clap for winning.

Flames Location

Go down, down, down to the southern area of the map. Look for the torn, flaming Hellscape. This is where you need to be – Hell’s Pass. The nearest Anima Leap is at 722, 491.

Find the Taverna (there will be a large Temperskin Strategist in front of it) at coordinates 465, 437. It looks like a spooky, red-lit haunted house from a distance.

Enter the Taverna. If you loop around the back and turn left, and climb up some rocks, you can reach the Lore that was taunting you from the frontside.

Heading straight out of the back is a short road to a portal (408, 438), with a Lore in front of it. Enter the portal.

Flames Minigame

Hoo boy. Here we go.

You can find this out from hovering over the debuff, but you cannot heal or regenerate during this Trial! You can also only WALK.

Before entering the circle of flame (this will initiate the Trial), wander around the area. Take note of the pipes. You’ll be coming back to these.

When ready, enter the Circle nearer the entrance. If you get hit with a debuff, that’s the right one. If not, try the other side.

Note that leaving the Trial area (the lowered area with the coals and grids) will cancel the Trial and you’ll have to restart.

Feel free to take your time with this one. As long as you don’t have the flame debuff sapping your health, you can go at your own pace.

First, step onto the first and only grid accessible from the circle. Note that jumping doesn’t really help unless you get stuck on an edge.

Head left. We’ll be walking along the pipes to the end. Aim only for grids that are not already on fire – you can move diagonally too!

Whatever you do, do not stay standing on a flaming grid. This will kill you super fast.

Aim for the non-flaming grids, along the pipes. You can move diagonally, so take advantage of that. When you step on grids it will cancel and activate other grids, like many other puzzle games of the type.

When you walk to the end of a pipe, it will automatically turn off the giant burners at the end of that pipeline (the lights on the pipe will go out).

Once you’ve passed the first veil of Flames (row of giant bunsen burners), head right. Deactivate this pipe (use diagonals and backtracking as needed) first.

Then, track over to the opposite side to deactivate that pipe, and move for the second row of now-inactive burners.

The third area is kind of mean. It’s going to force you to turn the burners off, then on, then off again before you can proceed.

Be patient. Don’t rush into flaming grids or the burners – you’re almost there!

Once you step into the second circle, the Trial is complete. I didn’t find any Lore during this section, so you should be safe to leave.

Thanks to Elkian Lionblood for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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