Shadow Arena: Badal Guide

In shadow arena, the moment someone begins to get up after being knocked down they’re able to dodge roll, counter or Blink (which is your E), stopping your combo.
In Badal’s case, enemies can begin to wake up starting on the 4th punch of his LMB (left mouse button) combo.


Asura Tread

Stamina cost: 375 (+125)
Follow-up damage: 255 base

This skill grants a burst of movement speed and additionally increases movement speed by 50% up to 1.2 seconds.
You can press LMB during the initial dash to follow with an uppercut that floats the target. This results in Badal being incapacited for 0.5 seconds if the uppercut doesnt hit anything.


Helix Cannon (Level 1)

Normal damage: 360 Base
Empowered Damage: 432 Base

Helix cannon charges a long ranged blast – the longer you charge it, the faster the projective becomes but its damage doesn’t increase and charging it consumes stamina and immbolizising Badal.
When empowered by the Golden Gate, the damage increases by 20%. At level 4, the base damage increases by an additional 28% percent.


Sleeve Tangler (level 1)

Normal damage: 100 + 100 Base
Empowered Damage: 100 + 340 Base
Follow-up Damage: 194 Base

Sleeve Tangler grabs the enemy which interrupts anything they’re doing and punches them afterwards.
Empowering this ability with golden gate increases the damage and also turns it into a knockdown.

The follow-up is a blowback that sends the opponents flying back and can be activated by holding down LMB during the grab.

Leveling the skill reduces the cooldown until level 4 at which there is an additional follow-up attack.


Thunder Breaker (level 1)
Normal damage: 319 Base
1st Follow-Up: 248 Base
2nd Follow-Up: 251 Base

Thunder break instantly uppercuts dealing damage to the target and knocking them down.

When empowered by Golden gate, up to two follow-ups can be activated that deal slightly less damage.

The skill gains super armor when empowered but can still be cancancelled by moves like Yeonhwa’s counter.

When empowered, it also diaarms any guards or shields.

The first follow-up can be activated by holding down LBM while casting.

The second one requires precision input just after his foot points downwards and he grunts.

At level 4, the second follow-up can be activated by holding down LBM.

Leveling this skill decreases the cooldown until level 3.

It’s important to note that the second follow-up is always a critical hit – although critical hits don’t actually do anything in this game..



Example combo:

RMB => LMB (follow up) => LMB => LMB => LMB => F => LMB => LMB => LMB => LMB => RMB => LMB (follow-up) => LMB => LMB => LMB => LMB => 2 => LMB (not follow-up) => LMB => 4 (cancel) => 3 => LMB (follow-up) => LMB (precise)


Breaker combo:

This combo can be used is the target is guarding or shielding.

3 => LMB (follow-up) => LMB (precise) => RMB => LBM (follow-up) => LMB => LMB => LMB => F => LMB => LMB => 4 (cancel) => 2 => LMB (not follow up) => LMB => RMB => LMB (follow up) => LMB => LMB => LMB => LMB => LMB


Grapple combo

This combo can be initiated with Sleeve Tangler (2):

2 => LMB (not follow up) => LMB => LMB => F => LMB => LMB => LMB => RMB => LMB (not follow-up) => LMB => LMB => LMB => RMB => LMB (follow-up) => LMB => LMB => LMB => 4 (cancel) => 3 => LMB (follow-up) => LMB (precise) => RMB => LMB (follow-up) => LMB => LMB => LMB => LMB => LMB

Note that this engage works vs Yeonhwa’s counter.


Leaping engage combo:

This combo starts with a knockdown instead of float.

Run => Leap => LMB => LMB => LMB => LMB => F => LMB => LMB => LMB => 2 => LMB (not follow-up) => LMB => RMB => LMB (follow-up) => LMB => LMB => 4 (cancel) => 3 => LMB (follow-up)

Additional info

Misc (damage)

Neutral LMB damage (1-5): 127 Base
Neutual LMB finisher (6): 381 Base
Side LMB damage: 240 Base
Side LBM finisher: 360 Base
Forward LMB damage (1-4): 190 Base
Forward LMB finisher (5): 570 Base
Jumping LMB damage: 190 Base
Dash Jump LMB Damage: 570 Base
Prone/Crounch LMB: 354 Base

Misc (Stamina costs)

Neutural LMB stamina cost: 0
Side LMB stamina cost: 100
Forward LMB stamina cost: 100
Fowrard LMB stamina cost: 100
Jumping LMB stamina cost; 100
Dash Jump stamina cost: 100
Dash Jump LMB Stamina cost: 100
Prone/Crounch LMB Stamina Cost (Fast*): 500
Prone/Crounch LMB stamina cost (slow) : 250

Note that the slow version occurs if you LMB too quickly before Badal can finish his animation to crounch or prone – it doubles the stamina cost but doesn’t increase the damage. Who knows why?

Misc (Golden gate)

The golden gate lasts 20 seconds, not 10 as the tooltip says.
Each time you cast it, it opens another gate – you can have 8 gates in total.
The stamina cost of each gate increases the more you open.
Leveling golden gate increases DP and decreases cooldown. AP does not increase with levels.
Each subsequent gate past the first increases AP by 10, up to a total of +70 at 8 gates.
Golden gate can be animation cancelled by any other skill excluding LMB.
Golden can be used to reset neutral LMB combo back to the start, extending it.
This does not guard against attack, natively.
At level 4, guards from incomding attacks from the front briefly during the animation.
Using it past the 8th gate will just repeat the 8th gate with no additional benefit.
Golden gate is not consumed by LMB, Shoulder Tackle or Asura Thread.


-Badal has 1000 base stamina.
Each bar is worth 125 stamina split into 8 sections.
You cannot run at a stamina level of less than 100.
There is a 1.4x backstab multipler
Critical hits are useless – they literally do nothing.
After most skills or a 3rd LMB, badal strikes a pose. Stamina regen stops during this pose – move to cancel the pose.
Every 100 attack power increases damage output by 100% of base. Defence power works in the same way.
LMB has unique stagger and super armor. It can interrupt people casting, but can’t be interrupting by LMB. It can however, be interrupted by knockdown, blowback, stun and float.

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