Shadow Man Remastered: All 5 Retractor Locations

Video-Guide showing you where to find all 5 Retractors


Shadow Man Remastered All 5 Retractor Locations

In this Guide I will show you Videos for all 5 Retractors in each Location.
Every Location has its own Video so you can look for the one you are probably missing.
Especially the one in the Experimentation Rooms was the reason why i decided to record this in a Video instead of writing a huge Wall-of-Text nobody could follow.

  • Each Video starts at the Point of Teleportation in each Location
  • That means you need to find these at least but that shouldn’t be that much of a problem, hopefully.
  • I have killed all Enemies before actually recording so the Videos are as short as possible…
  • …except for the Experimentation Rooms, that was just impossible to me (and i was a little lazy in the end to be honest)
  • I have recorded the Experimentation Rooms and the Fogometers AFTER Update Version 1.1 was released
  • The other Videos were recorded before that Update
  • I recorded this after finishing my Playthrough, just for you 🙂
  • That’s the reason why no Retractor can be seen at the Altars or me picking them up


Retractor 1: Asylum Cageways

Retractor 2: Asylum Playrooms

Retractor 3: Asylum Lavaducts

Retractor 4: Asylum Experimentation Rooms

Retractor 5:  Asylum Fogometers

By The Corrupt

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