Shadows Over Loathing: How to Find All Buddies

How to find all possible buddies, and their starting skills.

Note: This guide is created by Felix-sishou and work in progress, we will update it later!


Basic Info

Buddies basically function the same as in the previous game, with the exception that now buddies have vignettes which are playable asides. As you bring your buddy to different places they may try to get your attention- this is either going to give them a stat increase or a character vignette. Doing all the character vignettes and completing your buddy’s questline will help you unlock the “X saved the world” achievements in the final chapter

PS: if you have chosen to beat the game using your shadow taint, you are locked out of getting the “saved the world achievements” for that playthrough.

Day 1

Gabby: Everyone starts with gabby. Combo physical damage dealer and healer.

Obie: You find him in Goldwraith park and if you convince him to leave (not using a skill), you can find him again at the hobo camp where he’ll come with you. Deals basic moxie damage and can set enemies on fire.

Day 2

Molly: If you choose to accept the mob’s offer, you’ll find her on the street outside the antique shop. Say yes when she asks to come with you, and voila. Fires off several random rounds and also has a physical attack which decreases the target’s muscle.

Day 3

Barker: Take the botany course at S.I.T, and when you arrive at Prof. Kalos’ vacation home, find the dog dish in the kitchen and fill it with water. You can then offer it to Barker, and he’ll come with you. Has a standard bite attack and can lower mysticality.

Simone: Take the robotics course at S.I.T. Once you pass, you can offer for her to come with you and she’ll accept*. (actually I don’t know what she does yet, please let me know)

*currently unknown whether or not passing the class with full extra credit changes this outcome

Adams: Take the chemistry course at S.I.T. You’ll encounter by pouring bronze revivifying solution on the Adams statue as you take the course, and he’ll join your party, helping you complete the course. Makes potions that can heal or inflict poison.

Day 4

Alphonse: Wandering around the Big Moist with a level of shadow taint should have you encounter Alphonse, and he’ll join you. Can decrease all the stats of a target, do a vampiric bite attack, or deal spooky damage to all enemies.

Thanks to Felix-sishou for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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