Shiro: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in Shiro. enjoy the game.


Story related

These achievements seem to not be able to be missed when you play through the game to the end

This is just the beginning
Complete the “Forest” location

No door needed.
Leave the temple

New friend
Free the fairy

Blue glow
Get out of the mushroom forest

Crystal shine
Get out of the red mine

We are together again
Save Sister


Blood harvest
Kill all the rabbits in the location

Kill all the rabbits presented in the starting area.
Don’t worry if they accidentally end their own lives on the spikes as it still counts.

One more attempt
Die 100 times

You are free!
Save all the birds

I got the achievement after saving 5 birds.
1. Forest
2. Temple
3. Temple
4. Mushroom Forest
5. Mushroom Forest

Before you jump down into the hole to the temple.
Just jump over the hole and continue right.
(Already broke the cage)

Down in the temple where there is a long series of jumps and marks.
Once you get to the other side
you need to go down on the side where the spikes were.

You find it in the temple when the floor collapses if you keep going right instead of going down.
(Don’t worry if you fall, you are able to get back up and get the bird)

In the mushroom forest, instead of going towards the sign with an arrow, go towards the one with a questionmark and keep following the red marks and bouncy mushrooms until you reach the bird.

Opposite the fairy.

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