Slobbish Dragon Princess: How to Install the Official 18+ Patch

This guide will help you find the official 18+ DLC patch for Slobbish Dragon Princess.


Where to find the 18+ patch
The game just released and there isn’t much information out yet, but the official 18+ patch can be found from Denpasoft (alongside the pre-patched version of this game). It costs nothing, and HERE[] is a direct link to the store page.

How to install the 18+ patch
The patch is contained in a ZIP file. Its contents simply need to be copied to the game’s installation directory, replacing the original EXE file and adding a new directory.
To find the install location, simply right-click the game in your library, select Properties, then Local Files, then Browse. Your system’s file explorer should open in the directory where the game is installed.
Open the ZIP file (and unpack it if you need to, some programs like WinRAR let you take files out of them directly), then drag the contents to the install directory. You may get a prompt about overwriting files, say yes.

Congratulations, the patch is now installed – enjoy!

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