SONG OF HORROR: How to Increase FPS & Game Stability

Hate how some areas seem to completely demolish fps?

Here’s how to fix that:


Unlock FPS in config file.
Before we can start, we have to tell the game how much FPS we want to have at most at any time, this can be achieved by doing the following:

Step 1:
In Windows, search for “%appdata%” You’re now in the “Roaming” Folder, we don’t wish to be here, go 1 step up from the current folder into “appdata\local
Step 2:
Locate “SongOfHorror” In Local.
Step 3:
Locate the following: Saved –> Config –> WindowsNoEditor
Step 4:
Open “ GameUserSettings.ini ” in a text editor (I recommend just using notepad)
Step 5:
Locate “FrameRateLimit” Within the config folder and change it to the desired amount.
(Make sure to avoid non-decimal numbers to avoid any issues. Ex: 120❌ 120.0✔️)
Step 6:
Save the file and exit out of it.

You’re now ready to start improving FPS!
FPS increase
1: Head to the game’s location in your steam library
2: Right click the game and open “properties”
3: Navigate to “Launch options”
4: Paste the following arguments into the box:

This will do the following:

  • force the game to use all the cores of your CPU.
  • force renders the game in D3D12 (DX12) instead of D3D11 (DX11) Allowing for higher GPU usage and FPS.
  • set the priority of the process to “High”, this will allow the game to use more resources than normal.

The game MIGHT take slightly longer to start / load in assets with these fixes due to force using DX12. However, in my experience this is very minimal and 100% worth the FPS boost.

And now: The comparison

Hope this helps others as much as it helped me! 🙂

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