Soulworker: Tips for Leveling

This is a simple guide will help you get through with your main quests from Level 65 onwards.


※ Ruin Fortress:

  • You should solely focus on your Main Quest.
    – until you reach the dungeon Deep Core.

  • Before entering the dungeon – Deep Core, you should use a High Class Combat Manual [1H]which gives 100% XP for 1 hour.

    – This will make sure you have enough EXP to advance to your next quests, without wasting more Fatique Points with repeating other dungeons.

※ Dipluce Horizon:

  • Once you enter Dipluce Horizon (DH), you must use a High Class Collection [2H]which gives 100% XP for 2 hours.
  • You should still focus on your Main Quest.
    – you will get stuck at certain times with the Main Quests, when this happens you should do some Blue Side-Quests.
  • You can grab any Level 62+ Blue Quest to help you gain more XP.
    – there are two very important Blue Quest you should take.

    • Blue Quest #1:
    Quest Name: [Maniac] Giant Type Soul Junk –
    • gives 125m+ XP per completion,
    • you can do this x10 times.

    • Blue Quest #2:
    Quest Name: [Maniac] Operation: Subjugation
    • gives 156m+ XP per completion,
    •you can do this x10 times.

    [Note: only do the 2 important Blue Quest, when you’re stuck at certain quests, where you need to be a higher Level.]

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