Space Crew: How to Edit Currency and Research Points

This guide will show you how to Edit your Currency and Research Points


Finding the Folder Containing your Save File
Finding the Save File is similar to that of Bomber Crew

It is located in the AppData Folder
C:\Users\YOURPCNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Runner Duck\Space Crew

If you cannot find the AppData Folder click on the “View” Tab at the Top and click on the “Hidden Items” box



Finding your Save File
The folder contents will look something like this

Look for the file called “SpaceCrew_Main_0.dat

If you are worried about losing or somehow messing up your Original Save. Be sure to backup the file up before editing it.
Copy the Folder and Paste it somewhere where you will be able to easily find it again.

Right click your Save file and open it with Note Pad or Note Pad++. Both work

Opening the file in regular Note Pad will look like this

Don’t freak out.
To find your Currency and Research Points press CTRL+F and search for
creditsCurrency” or “researchCurrency

**It is Case Sensitive so be sure to search for it in this exact way**

For people using NotePad++ you won’t need to worry about the search words being Case-Sensitive

Opening the file in NotePad++ will look like this

Editing Currency and Research Points
Once you find and locate either the Currency or Research points you can just add a few extra zeroes or edit the amount to however much you want.
Once you’re done and satisfied with your amount be sure to save it

This is what I currently have it edited to

And this is what it looks like in game

I would avoid making it an insane amount in case it somehow crashes the game when loading in.

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