Space Engineers: Playing it cool Achivment Save File

Achievement Playing it cool for the Frostbite DLC scenario is time-consuming and difficult – you need to really understand the game well. Personally, it was difficult for me to get this achievement. For the same players, here is a save file.



To unlock this trophy, you will need the purchased Frostbite DLC. I’m not sure, but you may not need to purchase with a save. Somewhere I saw such information.

Save file.

Save folder: C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\SpaceEngineers
Save File – Remove 3 spaces in the link.

htt ps:// m/file/d/1TjuehokG-2cK0tZ iTwU4eG4Cze2ajF2R/view?usp=sharing

Follow the link to the archive on google disk. There are 7 different points in the passage at once. You can download the ending before the drone battle. and after winning you will receive this achievement. I didn’t get this achievement right away, but only when I had already left the scenario in the main menu, so maybe it bugs a little. Try it – it should work.

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