Space Otter Charlie: All Custom Space Suit Locations

This guide will show you where you can get every custom Space Suit for your furry friend.



This guide will show you what custom suits you can find and where you can find them. Each suit has its own unique weapon that can only be used when wearing that suit. By crafting 5 of the suits you will also get the following achievement.

Furry Fashion Plate

Build 5 custom space suits.

2024 Suit

Location: H.M.S. Tomcat – Tunnels

Right after you build the Lazor for the first time there will be a path leading upwards. Fire will block your path back down the path and above you will be a secret vent that is glowing a little. Through here you will find the 2024 Suit.

Suit Weapon: Freedom Blaster – Shoots multiple red, white and blue lasers rapidly.

Electron Suit

Location: Valencia Station

On the bottom, right hand side of the map will be a secret vent that is glowing a little. In the centre of this room will be the Electron Suit Blueprint.

Suit Weapon: Disc Shot – Shoots a single disc per shot that deals splash damage when it hits an enemy or surface. The discs also lock onto nearby enemies making it harder to miss.

Pink Suit

Location: Valencia Station

On the bottom, left hand side of the map just above the area with the spinning rock with flamethrowers on it. You will have to destroy all the debris in the way before you can pick up the Pink Suit Blueprint.

Suit Weapon: Glitter Gun – Shoots a single pink laser ball that bounces up and down towards a target. When it hits an enemy or surface it also deals splash damage.

This weapon actually penetrates Captain Gregg’s Helmet. Unsure if this is intentional or a bug but makes his fight much faster.

Shark Suit

Location: Plato Station

Just before the door that requires 3 Keys to open.

Suit Weapon: Star Shot – Shoots 3 Starfish per shot.

Red Phoenix

Location: Erebus Science Labs

Right after you have come down a lift near the start there will be a glowing vent. As soon as you go through the vent you will pick up the Red Phoenix Suit.

Suit Weapon: Multi Seeker – Shoots a arrow shaped drone that locks onto nearby enemies and attacks them. The projectiles also bounce off walls or enemies multiple times.

Cyber Suit

Location: Toasty Tunnels

In the second area past the set of turrets and after you press the button to open the door. You will find this Cyber Suit on the other side of that door.

Suit Weapon: Fist Bump – Shoots a fist that grows in size the further it travels. The fist also passes through multiple enemies so it is useful for groups of enemies.

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