Speed Limit: All Achievements Guide

Description to getting all achievements in Speed Limit.


Achievements unrelated to stages

OST of the Year
Enjoy the elevator music for 10 minutesJust pause the game and wait 10 minutes. The game can be minimized.
Nostalgia Trip
Enter the most famous cheat code.

Who didn’t know:
↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ → ← → ← B A

The cheat code must be entered in the main menu.

Well, that was Easy
Complete easy mode

The End
Complete normal mode

Time is Relative
Complete normal mode under 30:00

How can the Same Thing Happen to the Same Guy Twice
Complete 2 loops in infinity mode.

P.S. Infinity mode will opened after complete the game[/i]

Achievements related to stages
Stage 1:

Is your Commute Killing you?
Complete Stage 1 on normal mode
Jim Doesn’t Care
He just doesn’t careThe achievement will be obtained during the passage.

Wicked Sick!
Don’t miss a shot on Stage 1

Achievement is best done on Easy difficulty. The achievement is simple, but it has some nuances. You must complete the first stage without dying. If the protagonist dies, the achievement will fail.

I can do this All Day
Kill 100 conga line guys without dying

This achievement is more tedious than difficult. You will only fail him if you lose concentration. The achievement is simple, if you understand the sequence of the opponents’ actions (i.e., 2 shots, 2 grenade throws).
Below is a screenshot to understand how best to get this achievement.

Blue denotes beams, which it is better to enter when a grenade is flying at you, otherwise you will not be able to jump over it and will die.
Yellow shows the trajectory of the grenades if you are between the blue beams.
Green denotes beams to which you can jump when a grenade flies at you (but as you jump over a grenade, instantly to the blue beams).

Video showing how to get the achievement.

Chuck, is that you?
Don’t kill the bazooka guy

Stage 2:

Hot Lead Roof
Complete Stage 2 on normal mode

Stage 3:

Driving me Crazy
Complete Stage 3 on normal mode

Stage 4:

Traffic Marmalade
Complete Stage 4 on normal mode

Stage 5:

Golden Gate Bridge
Complete Stage 5 on normal mode

Stage 5-6:

Full Throttle
Don’t stop accelerating while on a bike

P.S. Stage 5-6 means that the achievement goes through two stages.

Stage 6:

Got to the Choppa!
Complete Stage 6 on normal mode

Shoot your future self

You will need to kill yourself as soon as Stage 6 begins. (First intersection)[/ i]
Closed your Loop Early?
Shoot your past self

You can’t Swim!
Land into water and drown

You will need to fall into the water where the arrow shows.

Closed your Loop Early?
Shoot your past self

We’ll need to kill ourselves when we pass the second intersection.

Missed Last Boarding Call
Fail to enter the choppa

You need to jump 3 times on the springboard, firing at the helicopter and then skip the remaining 2 springboards, passing by.
or …
Just skip 5 jumps.

P.S. This achievement can only be obtained on Normal difficulty.

Stage 7:

Let the Sunshine in
Complete Stage 7 on normal mode

Stage 7-8:

Project T.H.O.R.
Take no damage when driving choppa

If the helicopter is damaged, it will smoke. If it smokes – the achievement is failed.

Man with the Golden Missile
Fire exactly one missile from choppa

You only need to launch the rocket in one place. At the end is a red fighter. Deaths will not spoil the achievement.

P.S. Stage 7-8 means that the achievement goes through two stages.

Stage 8:

You’re Fired!
Complete Stage 8 on normal mode

Stage 9:

You Spin me Right Round
Complete Stage 9 on normal mode

Ace Pilot
Kill 5 enemies on Stage 9

Stage 10:

Who’s the Boss Now?!
Complete Stage 10 on normal mode

Blue Steel
Complete Stage 10 by only moving left

Missing the Point
Destroy the final boss’ paint job.

Shoot at the plane until you get the achievement. You can shoot at any part. Even one that doesn’t break.
P.S. The plane will crash if you break the laser cannon

Stage 11: (Available only after completing Stage 10 on Normal difficulty!)

Balls of Steel
Survive 5 impacts with plane debris

Only touch the edge of the object

Shooting Hoops
Fall through both plane wing holes

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