SpellForce 3 Fallen God: All achievements Guide 2021

Here is a 100% achievement guide for SpellForce 3 Fallen God game. enjoy the game.

Warning: This guide will contain Spoiler. 


Unmissable achievements

You will automatically acquire these as part of the main storyline

Mugwa’s guardian: Summon Mugwa’s Cub.
Summon the troll titan as part of the main quest in the first area, Mugwa’s cradle

Chieftain: Eat Chieftain Narjak’s heart Text
Gotten as the last part of the main quest in the first area: Mugwa’s Cradle

Avenger Assembled: Fully assemble the body of Zarach’s cub.
Gotten right at the end of the last mission

Missable campaign achievements #1

Get back up again: revive a fallen hero
Have one of your heroes die, and then have another hero revive it before the timer expires

Don’t Talk, Smash! Skip 100 dialogues.
Simply click space in dialogues to skip past. You should have no trouble getting this during the course of the game, even within the first map

A Blast from the Past: Find all optional Time Windows in the Temple of the Sacred Seal.
This will require you to at least have visited Hirin’s temple so the orcs set up in the main temple. You can then spend resources to get the workers to dig open passages to all the areas of the main temple where the optional time windows are. The resources needed for this are wood and food, so make sure to invest those in the cart during RTS-segments

Today is a Good Day to Die: Get your entire party killed.
Exactly what it says on the tin. Change the difficulty to circle mage to make it easier for your entire party to die

Lateral Recruiting: Sidegrade a Troll unit by sending it to a different school.
During an RTS-segment, recruit a troll and send it either to the hitting or throwing camp to upgrade it, then send it to the opposite camp to change its school

Feed the Trolls: Complete the optional Brittlebone Fields mission.
During the middle course of the game Anug will ask you to raid a brittlebone village during harvest time (not to be confused with the first food mission, which is mandatory). You must accept, travel to the brittlebone fields on the map and then complete the mission whichever way you choose

War Bringer: Succesfully train a War Bringer.
You must complete approximately half the game until you visit the abandoned brittlebone fortress, where you unlock the war bringer unit. Then simply train it during an RTS segment by sending a troll to a camp three times to upgrade it to a war bringer

Noag Confused! Solve the mosaic puzzle.
During the last third of the game, Zaramar will offer you a quest to go looking for hex scraps in the Urgathian Jungle. Solve the main gem puzzle to get this achievement. First add the green gem in the censer most to the right, then add the rest of the gems in a clockwise fashion.

The Three Stooges: Find three hidden statues near the smith.
While visiting the Shelter of the Master Scraper as part of the main storyline of the first half of the game, use Zazka to enter a tunnel in the northwestern part of the map to get to the three statues and receive this achievement

A New-U: Use a Potion of Fresh Start.
Can be gotten as early as the first map by buying it from a merchant and then drinking it by right clicking it from the inventory

Needs of the Many: Finish the Fallen God campaign with the tribe.
Gotten by finishing the game having made a majority of tribe-focused dialogue choices instead of self-focused choices. Can be tracked by seeing how many tiers Noag has received in the corresponding perk in his Fate of the moon Blood tree

Victory Lap: Escort the harvester for a second round.
After visiting the Ragged Shores during the optional Essence hunt (Coast) mission and completing the map, leave the map and return, then follow the harvester to the small peninsula in the south to unlock this achievement

All Tidied Up: Unlock all areas in the Temple of the Sacred Seal.
This requires you to gather a large amount of food and wood during RPG-segments and by putting those resources in the cart during RTS-segments. They can then be used to unblock passages after the trolls have settled in the Temple of the Sacred seal, after having visited the Temple of Hirin

Meat Bag: Have a Troll hero with at least 3000 HP.
This is most easily gotten with Noag. Max out his constitution attribute and put more life perk, one of the first perks in his way of the moon blood tree to get his hp to 3000. You can use a potion of fresh start to get this achievement if you don’t want to spend his points in this way or if you’ve already used up all your points making a different build of him

Troll Scholar: Collect all Hybernian Writings
This seems a bit random. I got it after finding 6 stackable hybernian writings (these are different from the non-stackable hybernian writings with a specific name – which are instead exchanged for recipes with the master scrapper) and loading a save in the Temple of the Sacred Seal. Presumably the achievement is meant to be obtained when turning all six in to the stranger in the temple.

Smash Time! Accumulate 100 Rage points with Noag.
Instead of having a focus bar like all other heroes, Noag instead has a rage bar that increases as he attacks enemies, and depletes out of combat. This achievement will require Noag to have a sufficient amount of attribute points allocated to willpower so that his maximum rage is at least 100. Then simply attack enemies or building to build it up, without using any abilities to deplete it.

Destroy All Humans! Make a decision in the Mountain Village.
During the mandatory mission to visit to The Brittlebone Village during the first half of the game, decide to kill all the humans and steal the food. After all humans are killed and you’ve collected the food, the achievement will unlock.

Aviarist: Build every type of Ironbeak at least once.
This will require you both to unblock the eastern passages in the Temple of the Sacred Seal to unlock the first two ironbeak upgrade classes: fighter and bombdropper (done in the hitting and throwing camp respectively), and to finish the mission in the abandoned brittlebone fortress to unlock the corpse seeker (made in the hex camp). Then during an RTS-segment create these classes of ironbeak by recruiting three normal ironbeaks and send on to the hitting camp, one to the throwing camp, and one to the hex camp.

Green Thumb: Collect the maximum amount of bone dust.
Formerly bugged, now fixed. Contrary to the description you don’t need to find all of the bone dust in the game, simply 20 pieces in order to fully upgrade the Mugwa’s plant. When you have enough bone dust, speak to Grungwar while in the Temple of The Sacred Seal. For a list of most locations see the imgur album by the steam user Mavhttps://imgur.com/a/LY2iVdS

Two Roads Diverged: Finish the Fallen God campaign without the tribe.
Gotten by finishing the game having made a majority of self-focused dialogue choices instead of tribe-focused choices.

Missable campaign achievements #2

Spare Parts: Have Zazka carry five ingredients at once.
Invest 5 points in Zazka’s Bigger pockets perk, then play the game until Zazka’s picked up 5 ingredients

The One Percent: Look at the credits of your own volition (or because you really want this achievement).
From the main menu, choose to look at the credits

Family Reunion: Summon five Ancestor Spirits simultaneously.
This will require you to have 5 enemies (or 4 enemies and Noag) marked with the spirit mark effect, and then use Akrog’s gift of spirits (II) ability to summon an ancestor spirit per spirit mark in effect. The spirit mark effect is active for 20 seconds, so the easiest way to do this is to use a potion of fresh start on Akrog and then allocate ability points to unlock gift of spirits (II), one of the little blood boons, and three single target abilities. Then find a group of at least 4 enemies, cast one single target per enemy until they are all on cooldown, use the little blood boon, wait for one of the single target abilities to recharge and then cast it on the last enemy. Finally use the gift of spirits ability to summon 5 ancestor spirits.

Connoisseur: Spend 30+ hours in one playthrough of Fallen God.

Tinkerer: Craft 50 items.
Once you have enough scrap, head to a crafter and craft something 50 times. The simplest option is troll potions. You can simply reload after getting to achievement so you won’t have used up all your scrap.

Shiny! Have Noag collect a total of 100 junk.
This will require Noag to have unlocked two of the highest level abilities in his path of the moon blood tree: pick up junk and throw junk. In order for Noag to pick up more junk than his maximum level in pick up junk allows, he will have to throw away junk using the throw junk ability.

Revenge of the Undead: Fight dwarves with a special kind of uprising.
During the last third of the game you will visit the Temple of Niethalf. There you will have the option of summuning undead by visiting the top right part of the map.

Circle Troll: Beat the Fallen God campaign on Circle Mage difficulty.
Self explanatory

Joint Leadership: Have Grungwar buff Akrog’s totem.
First have Akrog use his Unite the Moonkin boon from his Gift of Spirits tree, then have Grungwar cast his Grungwar’s Gifts boon from his Way of the Elder tree.

Multiplayer achievements

The Moonkin Squad: Play the Fallen God campaign in co-op with a friend.

Head-To-Head: Finish any ranked match.
Finish a multiplayer game against a human opponent.

Competitive Trolling: Win a ranked match playing Trolls.
Win a multiplayer game with the troll faction against a human opponent,

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