SpellForce 3 Versus Edition: Elves Guide

Realised there was no guide for new players to check it out before hoping into multiplayer so i decided to make one. This guide will be realy simplistic and will give you idea on how to play properly with elves. This is my first time writing a guide so it will be realy basic.

Whats the basics of elves?
Elves are mid and late game race. Their power spike comes from mid game when they upgrade their main hall to level 2 which gives acces to iron mines. With iron you can recruit strong tier 2 units. Your main objective is reaching that tier 2 stage, massing army and constantly fighting.

Elves main resources are wood and food. Wood as your main building resources and food as main army resource. That is why in the begining of the game you want as much as wood resources so you can constantly build and expand.

Your 2 heros are ranger and druid. Ranger has deadly aoe combo with its wolf suiciding ability which damages enemies nearby and hail of arrow. With these you can almost kill most of the tier 1 enemy units and creeps. Thanks to these abilities your early game is safe.

Which sectors/resources to look for when expanding ?
In the early game look for the 300+wood and 150+food sectors. Since if you find low wood or food count sectors your resources will be dried up realy quickly. You especialy dont want this to be happened in the early stage of the game. Try to not build anything with sectors having more than 500+ iron since those sectors will be your main mninig point in mid game. In 4 player maps expanding towards the other main sectors will boost your economy since those sectors are pretty rich.

For mid game look out for high iron counts which is more than 400+.

For late game look out for sectors with lanyapackage.

Opener-1 Heavy Macro
Ill call this opener because i dont want to write a long build order where you guys just copy it. Its better if you learn the mindset and what to build for so youcan create your own style.

At the start go for
-3x woodcutter
-1x hunting cabin

Go towards sectors and capture
-Build settlement in second sector
-1x woodcutter
-Upgrade settlement
-1x hunting cabin(after this one start to make guardian from your main base)
-1x woodcutter

While building those keep clearing sectors.

-Build 3rd settelement.
-1x stonecutter
-1x woodcutter
-upgrade settlement
-1x hunting cabin

After this you dont need anymore stone resources. Make 1 grove, Keep expanding and make 2 more wood resource and a lot of hunting cabins. While making hunting cabins you should make more groves to produce mass military units. Try to have the balance with food income and military production.

After those go for tech level 2. Place 2 iron mines that every sector which has avaible iron and workers. you should have ateast 5-6 iron mines. Then make non stop units.

Build order- Heavy guardian spam
Pressure is the key word for this build order.

-2x wood cutter
-2x hunting cabin

clear out a sector and capture it then rush to opponents 3rd or 4th sector. You are trying to find unoccupied sector that realy close to enemy base or occupied sector with no upgrade started.
If he captured a sector but didnt start upgrading immidieatly attack to flag and recapture it. If enemy brings its hero dont wory still try to destroy the flag.

AFter capturing nearby sector
-1x grove
-1x hunting cabin
-start making guardian constantly (never stop)
-upgrade settelement
-1x grove
-1x grove or 1x tower

when you have more then 3or 4 quardian put them in ranged mode and go to enemy sectors to harras workers. Try to be out of range of the settlement. Destroy resource buildings. DONT LET ENEMY HAVE FREE SECTORS try to contain him. Pick of enemy units if you can.

AFter 5 min of harrasing you should have tons of military units then you can start destroying his settlements and ultimately finishing the game.

If you couldnt finish him then keep capturing sectors near enemy and expand there.

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