Stardew Valley: Unlimited Money & Item Duplication Guide

In this guide I’ll show you how to achieve unlimited money & duplicate any item in Stardew Valley.


Getting Started

In this guide I’ll show you how to achieve unlimited money & duplicate any item in Stardew Valley using only tricks in-game. This trick works in multiplayer too! I’ll keep this guide updated if new content becomes available.

Performing this glitch before acquiring the backpack is substantially faster, that being said this first section will showcase it from Day 1 of Spring. (I’ll explain how to do it with existing characters with backpacks as well).

Day 1 of Spring

Now that you’ve gone through the opening cutscene and and awoke to find a stranger has been in your house while you slept, open the gift they left to obtain Parsnip seeds. Before leaving the house right click on all your furniture and add it to your inventory. Don’t worry you can put it back later, our goal for now is filling our player inventory.

(If you’re on an existing character you’ll need to fill your inventory with any item, it will take a little bit longer obviously since you have more inventory slots).

Now it’s time to venture outside and inspect our new farm. Immediately after walking outside your goal should be to harvest 50 Wood so that you can craft a Chest.

Now that you have 50 Wood go into your crafting menu to create a Chest.

Place your Chest near the Shipping Bin and put 2-3 items inside of it (not important which items).

Now we’re all set up and ready to find an item to duplicate. Head East from your farm to the Bus Stop & promptly start searching for Daffodils or Dandelions, collect all of them that you can carry in hopes of finding one better than normal quality (a higher quality item is worth more therefore its more effecient money gain from the duplication).

Didn’t find a silver or gold quality Daffodil or Dandelion? That’s alright, I didn’t either. in this case we’re going to want to duplicate the Dandelion solely because its worth 10 more gold than the Daffodil. To get started make sure the item you want to duplicate, in our case the Dandelion, is in the Chest we created & that we have a full player inventory.

Now to initiate the duplication you’re going to need to drag the item you want to duplicate, in our case once again the Dandelion, over to the ‘Organize’ tab highlighted by my cursor.

Upon having the Dandelion in your cursor and clicking on ‘Organize’ with a full inventory you’ll start to see stacks and stacks of Dandelions appearing from thin air!


Once there’s a large mass of Dandelions make sure to put the original Dandelion back into the Chest, otherwise the game’s internal debug features will catch on to our shenanigans.

Create 1 open slot in your inventory to allow the duplicated Dandelions to fill it, and put the stack into the Shipping Bin. Upon doing this another stack will fill the newly created inventory space and you can rinse and repeat until you’re out of duplicated items & in the big money!


Oftentimes the duplicated stacks you pick up will jump in size.

Taking a stack of duplicated items and placing them in a separate chest will sometimes save the stack of duplicated items as genuine.

Taking a stack of duplicated items and using it to pay for things (in example, all types of metal bars) will often ‘legitimize’ the rest of the stack of items.

Creating more than 1 space in your inventory will have 2 stacks fill them, however this triggers the debug feature oftentimes reducing stacks by half each time they’re shifting in an inventory until ultimately all of the duplicate items are erased.

During the end of day summary it usually won’t show any actual profit, but don’t worry!

Day 2 of Spring

Once you earn 120,000g you’ll receive a letter from your mom a Pink Cake enclosed, I recommend duplicating this especially early on if you’re going for financial gain as it’s worth 480g a piece.

Using Duplicated Items for your Benefit

Now that you’ve done the duplication glitch you might be thinking of ways you can use this to your benefit; here are some ways I personally found it useful as well as some ways to cheese achievements.

After finding 1 Geode you can duplicate it to get a stack of 999, effectively guaranteeing you every item you can find from them for the Museum. This same idea can be used with Omni Geodes to guarantee yourself a Prismatic Shard.

Once you have obtained a Prismatic Shard, duplicate it and gift it to the townsfolk. Every NPC except for Haley has a love reaction to it.

Duplicating items speeds up alot of the Community Center bundles.

Greenhorn: Earn 15,000g. – Sell duplicated items.

Cowpoke: Earn 50,000g. – Sell duplicated items.

Homesteader: Earn 250,000g. – Sell duplicated items.

Millionare: Earn 1,000,000g. – Sell duplicated items.

Legend (secret Achievement): Earn 10,000,000g. – Sell duplicated items.

Moving Up: Upgrade your house. – Duplicate and sell items until you have enough money, then head north from your farm to the Carpenter Shop and pay to upgrade your house.

Living Large: Upgrade your house to the maximum size. – Return to the Carpenter Shop after your first house upgrade is finished and upgrade it for a second time using glitched money.

Monoculture: Ship 300 of one crop. – Dupe one crop 300 times and put it into the Shipping Bin.

The Bottom: Reach the bottom of the mines. – Duplicate a Staircase and use it in the Mines until you reach the final floor.

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