Stories The Path of Destinies: Cheat Sword Fu Master by Editing the Save File

This guide describes a way to get the Sword Fu Master achievement by cheating, by adding XP through editing of the save file.


Find the save file

The save file is located in C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Stories\Saved\SaveGames (Win+R and “%localappdata%\Stories\Saved\SaveGames”)
It is named StoriesSaveSlot.sav
Make a backup before attempting anything, just in case!

Edit the save file

There are probably many tools to do this but I used this
I cheated by adding experience points, there’s probably a better way but I don’t know what to edit

  1. Make sure your game is not running
  2. Upload your save file to the website
  3. Search (Ctrl+F) for “S_XP_Pts” once it loaded
  4. Add a lot of points by editing the value, by clicking the dark green value (I read that the xp/level caps at 30,000, so add 1 million xp if you want to be safe)
  5. Go to the bottom of the web page and click the blue “Download StoriesSaveSlot.sav” button
  6. Replace your save file with this new one (make a backup!)

Level Up

To get Sword Fu Master you need to complete the skill tree by spending points.
To get points you need to level up.
With the XP you added, you’ll level up after each fight (or something like that, it’s janky).
When the fights end, the xp panel stays on instead of going away after a few seconds as usual. This hasn’t posed me an issue but it may be one for you if you plan on continuing to play.

Closing Words

Not a fan of the huge grind that is required without cheating like I did. I needed 4 more levels after finding all stories, would have been hours of tedious grind. The combat is fun and I wouldn’t have minded spending time in an arena mode, but I couldn’t stand spending most of my time waiting for the narrator to say stuff I already listened to.

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