Succubus Affection: +18 Uncensored Patch

Just a simple tutorial to Patch +18 Uncensored


Tutorial to Patch
1. Enter the official website of Kagura Games and create your account.

2. After registering, access the link and download the TOTALLY FREE Patch from this link:

3. Run the patch and select the game folder, if you don’t know, just right-click the game in your Steam Library> Manage> Go to local files

4. Ready! Now your game is completely uncensored and with full history dialogues! 🙂

What has changed?
-Now using the confirmation button (By default “A”) next to an NPC, you start a dialogue with him.

-After defeating any Monster Girl, or filling your “Heat” bar (Pink Bar which is just below the HP) you start an animation with that specific Monster Girl.

-Holding UP Button after “Sex” with Monster Girl, you capture it.

-By opening the game menu, you can place up to 3 “Partners” that follow you wherever you go.

-You can Holding “S” button to “play” with yourself.

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