Super Robot Wars 30: 100% Achievements Guide

A guide to getting 100% of Super Robot Wars 30 achievements.



Hi to all, and welcome to my 100% achievements guide for Super Robot Wars 30. I’m a big fan of the saga – my first game was Super Robot Wars 4 on SNES – and I played 20+ games during the years. I have the platinum trophy of Super Robot Wars Z3.1, Z3.2, V, T and X. I was very excited to FINALLY play one of them on Steam with my Italian account (thanks Play-Asia, but I prefer to not have to wait a month for shipment every time, and without having to buy different consoles to play them over the years), and I’m very excited to write a guide about this game.
The focus of this guide is to get all the 38 achievements of the game – the last one will be, obviously, the “platinum”:

Obtain every trophy.

You will need to do two complete playthroughs to get all the achievements, because the achievement “Two Sides, Two Stories” requires you to finish the game with both the main protagonists.
Please note that this guide is A WORK IN PROGRESS. Actually what you must do to unlock the True Ending is not 100% clear, so I will update that section when we will be 100% sure on how to unlock it. I have yet to finish the game myself, but the information you will find here, apart from those relating to the True Ending and the achievement “Beyond The Gods” (which I have not unlocked, but I know is related to the story), are correct and 100% accurate. Over time I will enrich each section with more information.

The guide will be divided into various sections, depending on the category of the achievements: use the search function or the index to navigate between the various categories.


2.1. The Beginning

The Beginning
Complete an Area Mission.

Complete a “normal” mission, physically present on the map. You can find these missions in the Mission menu.

2.2. Side Stories

Side Stories
Complete an Onboard Mission.

Complete an “onboard” mission: you can find them in the Mission menu, in the section of the same name.

2.3. Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting
Complete a Treasure Mission.

Complete a “relic” mission: these missions can only be accessed on the map. Explore the various locations and you will find them. Example:

2.4. Thirty By Three

Thirty By Three
Complete 30 Area Missions, 30 Onboard Missions, and 30 total AOS Updates.

Self-explanatory. You can check the number of missions played in Info -> Records: “Area” are the Area Missions, “Side” are the “Onboard Missions”.

2.5. DBD Scanner

DBD Scanner
Encounter Iris.

On the Intermission Screen, the message “DBD Active” will sometimes appear: explore the world map and you will find a location with a big purple fairy. Interact with her and you will start a special event where Iris, a fairy, will gift you money, PP or MxP (you can choose what to receive from these three).

2.6. War is Over

War is Over
Complete the game.

Unmissable. Reach one the endings, and this achievement is yours.

2.7. The Next World

The Next World
Complete one mission in a New Game Plus.

Self-explanatory. After beating the game for the first time, start the game with the New Game Plus feature. Complete the first mission and this achievement it’s yours.

2.8. Beyond The Gods

Beyond The Gods
Defeat the visitors.

I know this is story related, but I don’t have unlocked it, and I don’t know precisely how to unlock it. I will update the description later.

2.9. Beyond It All

Beyond It All
Complete the true final battle.

There are a lot of informations about the True Ending, but what you need to do precisely to unlock it isn’t 100% sure. The most reliable sources say that you need the AOS fully upgraded, at least 30 Aces, 100 missions played and you must choose the most “good” answers to the five questions (if I understand correctly, the “left ones”). Considering the previous games, at 99% the True Ending can be automatically unlocked in the second playthrough.

2.10. Two Sides, Two Stories

Two Sides, Two Stories
Get the ending for both the male and female protagonists.

This will probably be the last achievement you will get before the Platinum, and why two playthroughs are required: you will need to finish the game with both the protagonists.
Play your first playthrough with one of the protagonists, then start a New Game Plus with the other one.


3.1. Spirited

Use a Spirit Command.

Really easy: in any mission select a friendly unit, choose “Spirit” and use one of them. At 99.999% you will get this naturally.

3.2. Mental Fortitude

Mental Fortitude
Activate every Spirit Command listed under Search on one deployed unit.

The description here is misleading (it’s basically impossible to activate every Spirit Command in one unit without something like “Miracle”): actually you need to start a mission, use the Search option and have ALL the Spirit Commands in this menu. Some Spirit Commands will be unlocked only after level 50+, so to get this achievement you need to be pretty far in the game and you must not limit yourself to using only some specific units to be able to have all of them. Once you have all the powers available on the Search menu in the Intermission Screen, start any mission and bring to the battlefield the units that have them to get this achievement.

3.3. Extra Boost

Extra Boost
Use an Ex Action.

An Ex Action (or Extra Action) is a command usable thanks to the “Ex Action” command when you select a friendly non-battleship unit. To use them, you will need the ExC points, that you will get by killing enemies, by leveling up your units, by using some items (like “ExC Boost”, or the “Kaiju Figurine”), by using the Spirit Command “Resolve” (+5 ExC) or thanks to the battleship’s extra order “Boost ExC” (+2 ExC to a target unit).

3.4. Full Count

Full Count
Achieve maximum ExC with any pilot.

The maximum ExC is 10. The easier method is to take one unit and send it alone against a group of enemies to kill them: you will get 1 Exc for every kill, and also 1 every time the unit level up. You can make the task easier thanks to some items (like “ExC Boost”, or the “Kaiju Figurine”), by using the Spirit Command “Resolve” (+5 ExC), with some AOS upgrades (the level 8 of “Tactics Training”, in the “Training Room” section, is wonderful) or thanks to the battleship’s extra order “Boost ExC” (+2 ExC to a target unit).

3.5. Ace In The Hole

Ace In The Hole
Make any pilot an Ace Pilot.

Whenever a pilot reaches 60 kills, he becomes an Ace. An Ace pilot starts the missions with +5 starting Morale, gains 10% more funds (doesn’t stack with Bless or Fortune), and gets a specific special bonus (for example, Ryoma Nagare gets “at 170 Morale, +30% damage dealt”). You will also get a special conversation on the Onboard section of the “Missions” menu, which provides 50 PP and a Stat Skill Program.
You can reduce the kills necessary to ace a pilot to 50 thanks to the Skill Program “Proud Ace”.
To see all the Ace bonus of every pilot, look at the relative page on Akurasu:

3.6. Top Gun

Top Gun
Attain Great Ace with any pilot.

Whenever a pilot reaches 80 kills, he becomes a Great Ace. This status provides all the bonuses of Ace (see the section related to the achievement “Ace in the Hole” for more information), plus +1 to the starting ExC and increases starting SP from 50% to 75%.
You can reduce the kills necessary to great ace a pilot to 70 thanks to the Skill Program “Proud Ace”.

3.7. Pilot Trainer

Pilot Trainer
Have at least 20 pilots become Ace Pilots.

Have at least 20 different Ace (or Great Ace) pilots and this achievement is yours. For more information about Ace and Great Ace, look at the sections related to the achievements “Ace in the Hole” and “Top Gun”.

3.8. Hello World! (Of Skills)

Hello World! (Of Skills)
Use a Skill Program to teach a Skill to any pilot.

Go to Upgrade -> Skill Program, choose a pilot, buy a skill (or choose one that you already have) and assign it. You will need PP to buy skills.

3.9. Skill Master

Skill Master
Have any pilot learn 20 or more skills at once.

The easier method is to save the game, spend all your PP on skills and assign them to one single pilot. After obtaining the achievement, reload the game. If you play with only a few, selected units, you will probably get it naturally.

3.10. One Shot’s All I Need

One Shot’s All I Need
Have any ally under the effect of Valor and Bullseye at the same time.

“Valor” is the Spirit Command that increases the damage of the next attack by 100% – a lot of pilots unlock it at level 40+. “Bullseye” provides 100% accuracy until the start of your next turn: if a unit with “Valor” doesn’t have it, remember that you can use “Attune” instead from another pilot. Furthermore, “Bravery” and “Love” give both “Valor” and “Bullseye”.


4.1. Once in a Lifetime

Once in a Lifetime
Deal 50,000 damage or more to a single enemy in one combat.

Considering that some missions (like the relic ones) have enemies with fixed levels and stats, and some of the Front Mission have very weak enemies (like in “The Earth Sphere Front”), it’s much easier to obtain this achievement here than in previous titles of the series.
Some important things to consider:

  • The damage must be done in a single fight, but not by a single unit, so you can take advantage of Support Attack.
  • Wait for “Valor” or “Soul” (100% or 120% more damage for the next attack) – many pilots learn “Valor” after level 40.
  • Use “Analyze” on the enemy: 10% more damage will definitely help.
  • Use “Smash Hit”, because it can be stacked with “Valor” or “Soul”.
  • Morale increases the damage, so use Spirit Commands like “Spirit” or “Drive” if available, and/or equip morale boosting items. At the same time, lowering the enemy’s morale works as well, so use Spirit Command “Daunt” on the “chosen victim” if available.

So take one strong unit with “Valor” or “Soul”, one strong supporter, upgrade the weapons damage and/or the pilots damage stats, equip these units with Morale and/or damage boost, and play one mission with weak enemies. In this mission bring someone with “Analyze” (or use Supporters, if you can) and every unit that can be useful to boost the damage (by having “Daunt”, for example). If you need “Smash Hit”, but you don’t have enough ExC points, remember to equip and use the item “Smash Hitter”.

4.2. One Pilot Army

One Pilot Army
Have any one pilot destroy 10 enemy units in a single stage.

Self explanatory: one pilot must destroy at least 10 enemies by itself in a single stage. Remember that if you attack with a Support Attack, and the supporter destroys the enemy, he will get the kill. The missions where you begin with only one unit are “natural candidates” for this purpose, but you can get this achievement anytime you want by unleashing a single unit into a killing spree in any mission. To check how many kills a unit has done in the current mission, check its status – it’s indicated by the number in brackets next to the Score.

In this example Masaki has killed 1 enemy in this mission.

4.3. Hurrah

Use a Supporter Command.

Select a friendly unit, go to “Supporters” and use one of them. Very easy.

4.4. Support Meister

Support Meister
Use 5 Supporter Commands in a single stage.

Very boring to do in the previous title (where you need to use 6 Commands), here is easier because you can upgrade the SSP regeneration, and you need to use “only” 5. To get this achievement, you must use 5 Supporter Commands in a single stage: if you don’t want to upgrade the SSP regeneration (and you want to get this achievement asap), choose the 5 cheaper Supporters that you have, start a mission without any turns restrictions, use all the Supporter Commands that you can and pass the turns to regenerate the SSP.
My suggestion is to play a “normal” mission with the objective “kill all the enemies” without turns restrictions, leave the weakest enemy alive for last, use all the Supporters Command that you can, and pass turn after turn to regenerate the SSP. The enemy will attack you, but you can block its movement by surrounding it with your units, and you can defend or evade its attack without killing it indefinitely until you have achieved your goal. If you need healing, use Spirit Powers and/or remember to bring with you a repairer unit, like Windam or Koji’s Ichinana.

4.5. Five Birds with One Stone

Five Birds with One Stone
Destroy at least 5 enemy units with a single MAP attack.

If you have the preorder bonus, with the Cybuster is really easy to do: with his post movement MAP attack, that covers a 3×3 area and doesn’t hit friendly units, this is a piece of cake to get it. If you don’t have the Cybuster, there are however other units that have a MAP attack, like the Dreisstrager or the Ikaruga, the only problems are (1) to have a Morale high enough to use it (the Spirit Commands “Spirit” or “Drive”, kills, the ex order “Boost Morale” from battleship, items and skills can help you here), (2) you will probably need to weaken the enemies first, especially if you don’t have the Spirit Commands “Valor” or “Soul” (use other units to do this, but avoid to leave them in the MAP range), and (3) the positioning, because all the MAP attacks cover a very specific area, usually cannot be done post movement and the enemies are often not kind enough to stop inside the MAP range. To solve the third problem, there are usually two solutions: use the extra action Multi Action to adjust the position of the unit with the MAP attack (move toward the perfect position to launch the MAP attack and kill an enemy by doing so, so you can have another turn, turn that you will use to launch the MAP attack) or use the ex order “Restore Action” of one of your battleship (or the Spirit Command “Zeal”, if the unit with the MAP has it) to give the unit an extra turn after moving in the right position.
If you have trouble getting at least five enemy units to move into the correct position to be hit by the MAP, keep only the unit with the MAP out of the battleship, and let the enemy units converge towards it. When these are in the right position, take the other units out of the battleship so that they can, if necessary, weaken the enemies, and then fire with the MAP attack. Add “Bless” or “Fortune”, and/or “Gain” or “Cheer”, to maximize your credits and/or experience profits.

4.6. Money Geyser

Money Geyser
Earn at least 100,000 credits in a single combat.

The Spirit Commands “Bless” and “Fortune”, the AOS upgrades in the “Investment Research” (“Lab” section) and items like “Credit Manual” are your friends here. But you also need a very valuable target: usually enemy battleships and robots with high HP piloted by “character with a name” have a high monetary value. You can find the value of an enemy here on the status screen:

I “censored” any reference to the enemy to avoid spoilers.

4.7. I Am Speed

I Am Speed
Move at least 15 spaces at once.

This is easier than it looks.There are a lot of things you can do to reach your goal, but a good start is a very fast unit – personally speaking, my choice to get this achievement was the Ikaruga with the Custom Bonus: 9 of base movement. And Ernie has the Spirit Command “Accelerate” (+3 movement) – basically movement 12 without any items. Add 1 Mega Booster and 1 Booster and you have 15 of movement. Let’s see the various things you can use to reach this goal:

  • A very fast unit is the base. Consider any eventual boosts given by Custom Bonus or by the pilot’s Ace bonus, and also consider the slots available for items of the unit, as each slot can potentially add 1 to 3 movement.
  • Items. There are various items that can add from 1 to 3 to the movement.
  • The Spirit Command “Accelerate”. A very important command, because it adds +3 to movement.
  • The extra command “Boost Dash”. You will need 3 ExC points (2 with the AOS upgrade) but it can give you a boost of +2 (+3 with the AOS upgrade) to the movement.

4.8. Quicker Draw

Quicker Draw
Use Counter on at least 5 enemies in a single stage.

Some units have weapons with the “Counter” ability, like the Gundam (with the Custom Bonus), or the MP Nu Gundam:

If an enemy attacks you, and you counterattack with a weapon with the “Counter” ability, your unit will attack before the enemy. There is also a skill that gives you this effect for all the weapons – it’s called “Full Counter”, but it’s not available at the start of the game in the Skills Programs section.
To get this achievement, you must, in a single stage, counterattack 5 times the attacks of the enemies using the “Counter” ability. A great opportunity to get this achievement naturally is during the mission “Alone in the Wild” (this is an optional mission, to get it you must complete a series of missions about Char, Camille and Amuro, and Amuro must have a score of 30+ kills). In this mission Amuro will unlock the MP Nu Gundam: its funnels have the Counter ability, and it’s alone with Char at the start of the mission. Send away Char, counterattack the enemies attacks with the funnels and you will get this achievement easily.

4.9. Now Is The Time

Now Is The Time
Have any unit act 5 times in a single turn.

There are three things that can give to a unit an extra turn:

  • The extra action “Multi Action”: +1 turn if you kill an enemy with the next attack. Cost 4 ExC, but can be reduced to 3 thanks to the level 7 AOS update of the “Tactics Training”, “Training Room” section.
  • The extra order “Restore Action”: cost 6 ExC, +1 turn to any unit within a range of 5. Can only be performed by a battleship.
  • The Spirit Command “Zeal”. Usually cost ~60 SP, only few pilots have this ability, and they unlock it very late in the game.

Mix these three things and you will get this achievement easily. Personally speaking, during a “standard” mission (I wasn’t specifically aiming to get this achievement), with a single unit with 10 ExC and a battleship with 6+ ExC I got this without any problems: 3 Multi Actions + 1 Restore Action from the battleship. Remember that you can boost your ExC points with skills (like “Resolve”), AOS update and items.

4.10. The Ultimate Bummer

The Ultimate Bummer
Reduce an enemy pilot to 50 Morale.

“Daunt” is the key here – is a Spirit Command that can reduce the morale of an enemy unit by 10. Considering that, normally, the starting morale of any unit is 100, to reduce it to 50 you will need to use Daunt 5 times. Several pilots have this ability but, among the “main” units, perhaps the best is Ernie, the Ikaruga pilot, because his has a relatively low cost (30 SP) and, being the main (and only) pilot, you can easily restore his SPs with items like Special Dog, Fahrenian Peach Bun or Mecha Geek’s Spirit.
Start a new mission, bring with you enough units to be able to use at turn 1, considering also the various equipable items, 5 Daunts and, without killing anyone (whenever you destroy an enemy, all his companions gain morale), choose an enemy and “demoralize him” so you can get this achievement.
There is also a Supporter who reduces morale, Lloyd, but only by 5.


5.1. Power Unleashed

Power Unleashed
Unlock a Custom Bonus for any mech.

A robot gets a “Custom Bonus” whenever ALL its stats (except the weapon level) are upgraded by 5 levels. A Custom Bonus provides a special bonus specific to every robot – for example, Combattler V gets “all weapons gain the Barrier Buster effect”.
To see all the Custom Bonuses available, look at the relative page on Akurasu:

5.2. Tuner

Unlock Custom Bonuses for at least 20 mechs.

Unlock the Custom Bonus for at least 20 different robots and this achievement is yours. If you have trouble getting it during your first playthrough because you are focusing only on some specific robots, wait for the second one: the New Game Plus will allow you to have all the money you earned during the first one at the beginning of the second.

5.3. Update

Implement an AOS Update.

In the intermission menù, go to Upgrade -> AOS Update and buy an upgrade.

5.4. Limit Break

Limit Break
Unlock an AOS Update level.

You can find the level updates in the “AOS Research”, inside the “Lab” section. Buy one of them and you will get this achievement.

5.5. Updates Complete

Updates Complete
Implement every level of any one category of AOS Update.

Self-explanatory: upgrade a category of AOS to level 8. You will need a lot of MxP to do this, but you will probably get this naturally. The Power Parts that you can get after level 8 are NOT necessary for this achievement.
My suggestion: invest before anything else in the “AOS Research” (in the “Lab” section). By doing this you will unlock all the levels of the AOS and you will also get a boost to the MxP bonus that you will get at the end of every mission, which is very good to unlock as soon as possible.

5.6. Skill Collector

Skill Collector
Produce every Skill Program.

Go to Upgrade -> Skill Program and produce EVERY Skill Program. A lot of them are not present at the start of the game, but you will unlock them by playing the missions.


6.1. Break Time

Break Time
View an Interruption Message.

On the Intermission Screen, if you go “Save/Load” -> “To Title Screen”, or, during any mission, if you save the game and choose to not continue, you will see an Interruption Message: a short scene where some of the characters of the game say goodbye and thanks the player. See one of these scenes and you will get the achievement.

Thanks to Hyo for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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