Sword and Fairy 7: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in Sword and Fairy. enjoy the game.



Number of achievements: 37

Story achievements: 17
Side quest achievements: 17
Mini games achievements: 2
Missable achievements: 2

Current bugged achievement: 1
The achievement: “Invincible – Learn all abilities” is bugged.

Story Achievement

Un-missable as you progress the game

Karma Is Here

Defeat Xiqu

Power of Protoss

Defeat Kuiyu

Thanks For Your Test

Defeat the Spirit Ice Beast

Fire Master

Defeat Hualiu


Defeat Chiru

Zero-Sum Game

Defeat Kuiyu for the second time


Save Mo Nian’s soul

Pass The Test

Defeat the Spring Sentry of Duzhang

Follow My Lead

Defeat the Spirit Fire Beast

Demon Lord

Pass the challenge of Chonglou
You just need to hit until half HP. Clearing QTE helps

Destiny Master

Beat Puppet Mirror and Sword

Dragon Down

Defeat strengthened Meng Zhang


Defeat Jiuying

I’ll Protect You

Successfully save Ziqiu

Crazy to Survive

Defeat Aoxu

Paean Of Sword

All stages clear

Missable Achievements


Successfully induce Xiqu to hit the stone wall and get stuck
At the second stage of Xiqu (Half HP), Xiqu will start charging. Instead of hiding behind small rocks, run to the corner of the map with big rocks and stand on top of it.

Bring Justice

Defeat the Puppets without being executed
Fighting halfway, a cutscene will be triggered explaining about your sins and punishment judgment. A big mirror will appear, you have to destroy it before it executes you until you defeat the puppets.

Miscellaneous Achievements

Close Partner

Adjust the attributes of spirit beast for the first time
After level up spirit beast, slide right on the attribute of it to add points.

Not Bad

Make dishes for the first time

Super Cook

Make 10 dishes
You have to cook at the camp, not buy


Have dishes for 30 times
You can just spam cooking

Best Weapon

Enhance a weapon to the top level
Max level 3

Master Blacksmith

Enhance for 20 times

Best Listener

Listen to a complete storytelling in Lulong Town
In the Lulong Town inn where you can order food 2nd floor. Just stand and listen to the storyteller until receive achievement.

After a certain point of story, the storyteller will be gone from the inn. Instead you can find him outside.

No One’s Left Behind

Collect all spirit beasts
For this achievement you need get 7 sprit beasts excluding Xiao Qi (the card spirit).
1. Qiaoling – auto
2. Hazhan – story
3. Yun’er – You have to clear the side Quest “Legacy”. After main mission of getting Hazhan, walk outside in the Howling Canyon and she’s there.
4. Chenfeng – story
5. Gubai – Take Pine and Cypress quest after talking to grandpa. During the trial Chapter 20, clear the vine trapping Gubai. After clearing the main mission, go to the Flora Cliff to find him.
6. Shengyan – story
7. Shanzhu – Talk to the fairy after the bridge in Flora Cliff, get the quest Five Poison to clear vicious beast. After completing the main mission, talk to her again and she will tell you a poison spirit. Complete the chain quest. Its final location is in Changbai Mountain.

Spirit Beast Master

All spirit beasts are upgraded to full level
Although the description says “All”, it actually just requires 1 spirit beast to be fully leveled up to 15.

Monster Hunter

Destroy all elite monsters
Just fight with every single monster. Also related to Animism quest.
Can refer to your library for monster missing. Elite monster has a bracket (C/D/S etc) besides its name in library.

Nice Team

Use all combos
The combo is referring to the joint attack where during battle, a random pop up , each character needs to perform joint attack with each other. Each time you get random combination so swap your character to joint attack with each character until you get achievement.
I recommend using the “Muse – Yin & Muse – Yang ” accessory that increase 5% joint attack trigger rate.
You can also use low attack weapon against large quantity monster to easily trigger to prevent them to die too fast.


Archive 70%
Just progress the story and u should be able to get it without too much effort. You can also use the accessory “Melon Lamp” that reveals all item location for the books.

Wine God’s Here

Summon the Wine God
You have to complete a series of quests
Pingxi Village – “Kind Paladin”
Smoky Village – “Fellow”
Lulong Town – “Thousand Cup Secret”

Equip the “Gourd” accessory to summon the wine god.

Not A Legend

Summon all Gods
Each god per character + wine god from quest.

Music Inheritor

Complete the branch task of “Music Inheritor”

You Are So Nice

Complete any 20 branch tasks


Learn all abilities
Bugged achievement, I still can’t get it at end game

Mini Games Achievements


Successfully clear one jumping game
The first jumping game you will find is inside Howling Canyon while finding ice spirit beast.
Jump on the leaf and get the treasure.

All of the jumping mini games location:

  1. Changbai Mountain – Howling Canyon
  2. Flora Cliff – Deep in Flora Cliff
  3. Lulong Town – Governer’s Mansion
  4. Yanbo Spring – Lihuo Hall
  5. Lianli Area – Antelop Valley
    (This one is a bit tricky to get to as you need to jump on the small openings on the cliff going upwards)
  6. Heaven Demon Kingdom – Heaven Demon Palace

God of Gamblers

Successfully pass the mid-level challenge from all NPCs in the card game.
Win every card battle. Its a rock paper scissor game.
To put it simple,
Red wins Blue
Blue wins Green
Green wins Red

Each minion card gives the attribute regardless u won/lose the round. The boss card requires these attributes to activate its ability number (red to attack, green to heal yourself).
Take note of the opponents attributes to determine your next card.

List of Card Battle Location
*If you won before, the npc will mention another round/play again
Mingshu Sect
1. Pingxi Village
2. Swallow Valley

Tianshi Sect
3. Attrium of Tianshi Sect

Changbai Mountain
4. Changbai Mountain

Xianxia Sect
5. Mount Emei Road

Flora Cliff
6. Deep in Flora Cliff

Lulong Town
7. Governer’s Mansion

Quanyin Village
8. Quanyin Village
9. Upper of Duzhang Spring

East Azure Abyss
10. Azure Abyss Reef

Yanbo Spring
11. Yanbo Ancient Road

Heaven Demon Kingdom
12. Heaven Demon Palace

After you defeated all 12 available fairy npc you will get the achievement and new 3 npc will be added at inside Mingshu Sect. (These new 3 is not needed unless you want to contract that fairy spirit beast)
13,14,15. Mingshu Sect

Thanks to AJ for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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