Sword x Hime: How to Unlock All Costumes in 2 Minutes

Just change your .txt file in your local save file folder. Here’s how.


Since game is very hard to grind and it takes a lot of time – nice and cute developer let’s us unlock the costumes in save files!

Step 1. Start the game.
Step 2. Press “New game”.
Step 3. Save your game to any slot as you wish.

Step 4. Exit the game!!!
You need to exit the game, so save file could not be overwritten by game while it is running.

Step 5. Go to game folder
Game folder: \Steam\steamapps\common\Sword x Hime\Save\Slot1
Slot1/2/3 – last number is the number of your saved game slot!!!

Here you will see this:

Step 6. Open file called “Costumes Manager.txt”
Use notepad to check insides. or something else like Visual studio code, doesn’t matter.

Coding explanation:

Every isSet0123456789 is a variable which defines the costume.
Bool goes for “boolean value type” which defines the type of the parameter.
False or True defines rather costume is unlocked or not – True means yes, False means no.

Step 7. Change all isSet0, isSet1, isSet2… and so on, from False to True.
In short, on the screenshot you will see the part of red, for you – it will be False, change it to True

Here, i made it easier for you, copy and paste where it needs to be set:

isSet0,Bool,True isSet1,Bool,True isSet2,Bool,True isSet3,Bool,True isSet4,Bool,True isSet5,Bool,True isSet6,Bool,True isSet7,Bool,True isSet8,Bool,True isSet9,Bool,True isSet10,Bool,True isSet11,Bool,True isSet12,Bool,True isSet13,Bool,True isSet14,Bool,True isSet15,Bool,True isSet16,Bool,True isSet17,Bool,True isSet18,Bool,True isSet19,Bool,True isSet20,Bool,True isSet21,Bool,True isSet22,Bool,True isSet23,Bool,True isSet24,Bool,True isSet25,Bool,True isSet26,Bool,True isSet27,Bool,True isSet28,Bool,True isSet29,Bool,True isSet30,Bool,True isSet31,Bool,True isSet32,Bool,True isSet33,Bool,True isSet34,Bool,True isSet35,Bool,True isSet36,Bool,True isSet37,Bool,True isSet38,Bool,True isSet39,Bool,True isSet40,Bool,True
Step 8. Save the file you just changed!!!
Ctrl + S or just save the file.

Step 9. Start the game and load the save file, it is done!
Quick tutorial on how to play in general
  1. Press “Tab”
  2. Click on “Armor” button
  3. Choose the outfit you want
  4. Click on “Scroll summon” button
  5. Press “Escape”
  6. Press “H”

More details in: Game menu – Help – Keyboard.

Outro + more variables to change (if you want)
Good job! Now, if you want for more, i’ll tell you a secret – you can do it with any parameter in save file – damage, crit chance, health and other stuff, play with it as you want.

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