Tails of Iron: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is all the achievements guide in Tails of Iron. Spoiler Alert!!!



Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my “Tales of Iron” Achievement Guide!
Writing dat guide just after completing 100%, (so it’s still “on a mind”), in order to simplify the life of the common players and “Achievement Hunters”.
All the achievements could be taken up in one playthrough, nothing more complicated in here, we just play through the whole game to the end and then it will be possible to finish all the side quests that we did not manage to complete during the game.
Also, there are achievements for the arena, helping NPC and killing various living beasts, the only thing that can be a pain in anus is collecting weapons and equipment, but if you loot all the places during the game and run through the whole map afterwards, you’ll be able to get everything, don’t forget that not all weapons and armor are just scattered around the world, they are also given as a reward for the arena, bosses and blueprints.27 Achievements in total, of which:

  • 4 story achievements.
  • 4 for completing all quests on the quests boards
  • 3 for killing special bosses.
  • 3 for killing 25 of each of the three types of mobs: Frogs, Grubs, Mozis
  • 3 for collecting a certain amount of three different game currencies.
  • 3 for repair of three rooms in a fortress.
  • 2 for obtaining rifle and two-handed weapons.
  • 1 for helping to fix the Traveler’s Wagon.
  • 1 for collecting four statues and returning them to their stands.
  • 1 for collecting all Ingredients in the Chef’s Book.
  • 1 for collecting all weapons and armor.
  • 1 for completing all other achievements.

let’s get it started!

Story Achievements

Become King
Become King of the Rat Kingdom

Just after you got the achievement for completed Guard Faction,
we’re set out to battle with a real opponent in the arena.
When the frogs attack finished, we move towards the sewerage and then to the castle, where we’ll find the crown, and get the trophy.
Rescue Redgi’s Brothers
Rescue Redgi’s brothers from the Frog clans

The frogs kidnap your brothers – cook and the blacksmith. We move through the plot, free them one by one, fighting mobs and bosses along the way.

“Bloki Magu” Boss guarding one of the brothers.

Meet the Creatures from the Deep
Meet the strange new creatures underground

When more than a half of the game passed, we move to the left side from the “Long Tale Village”, walking throug plenty of dungeons we head to “24-7” station in “Moletown”, where we’ll meet a mole on the way, that will help us till the very end of the game.

Return Power To The Depths
Return power to the bottom of the mines

After meeting the mole, we are heading to restore energy at the bottom of the mines, but before switching over the generator switch and getting the achievement we are attacked by the “Grubmother”

Complete Factions quests

Complete Guard Faction
Complete the Training Quest on the Guard Faction Board in the Rat Fort

A storyline achievement from the very beginning of the game, you’ll get it right after completing a training mission, where you will be taught how to properly dodge attacks, counterattack and roll, as well as attack the enemy and block attacks.
Complete Elder Faction
Complete all quests on the Elder Board in Longtail Village.

The Elder board is located in “Longtail Village”, in total, it can offer 5 quests to kill mobs, for completing all of them you’ll take an achievement.

Complete Ranger Faction
Complete all quests on the Ranger Faction Board at the Rangers’ Lodge

The Ranger board is located at the “Rangers’ Lodge”, we can get there if walk straight to right side of the map from “Longtail’s” town hall, in total the board offers 9 tasks.

Complete Arena Faction
Complete all quests on the Arena Board

The Arena board is located in “Moletown”.
The first 6 fights will be available by the end of the game, but the seventh battle is a wave of different enemies, at the end of which a large lizard is waiting for you, and this quest opens after the last boss is defeated and the protagonist is crowned in the “Rat Fort”.

Special bosses defeat

End of the Mozis
Defeat the Mozi Queen

You will meet the “Mozi Queen” during the story game, available after killing the “Mozi King” and is one of the three “special” bosses of the game, for which you’ll get achievements.

Defeat Rattus Augustail
Defeat Rattus Augustail in the deeps of the Forbidden Crypts

This boss is located in a secret crypt in the “Forbidden Crypts” location, right under the rat fortress, you can get to it only after collecting 4 statues (another achievement).

Defeat Ratnor Rodentson
Defeat Ratnor Rodentson in the deeps of the Forbidden Crypts

“Ratnor Rodentson” not the main story boss, and one for which you will receive the achievement, but also a necessary element in the achievement “Redgi’s Armoury”
The boss is quite agile and has several types of attacks, but can be killed in 4-5 attempts, as a reward you will receive a legendary weapon.

Defeat regular mobs
Defeat 25 Frogs
Defeat 25 frogs in battle.

Nothing special, a very low-tech achievement to get, one might say, it’s storyline, you can kill 25 frogs already in the first hour of the game.Defeat 25 Mozis
Defeat 25 mozis in battle

Quite simple achievement that can be obtained in the first 2 hours of the game by simply killing the flying Mozis with ranged weapons.

Defeat 25 Grubs
Defeat 25 grubs in battle

Like the two previous achievements, dat’s a very easy achievement that can be obtained in the location that we enter through the well, next to the “Rangers’ Lodge”.

Collecting Currency

Collect Monster Parts
Collect 50 Monster Parts

You get parts of monsters, by killing enemies, as well as other resources.
In the “Longtail Village” you can exchange iron ore for parts of monsters, the maximum number of parts that you can have is 99.Collect Iron Ore
Collect 20 Iron Ore

Iron ore, like monster’s parts, can be obtained by killing enemies.
You can also exchange parts of monsters for iron ore in the “Longtail Willage” or find piles of iron ore in the mines, and get iron with a pickaxe.

Collect Gold
Collect 20 Gold

Gold can’t be picked up from enemies, but it can be earned by completing side quests.
At the beginning of the game, it may seem that collecting 20 coins isn’t easy, in fact, you need to complete only 2-3 first quests and achievement is yours.


Kitchen Ready To Cook
Repair the Kitchen

One of the storyline achievements.
In order to repair all three halls in the rat citadel, you will need a lot of gold coins, which will need to be earned on secondary quests.
Smithy Ready to Craft
Repair the Smithy

One of the storyline achievements.
In order to repair all three halls in the rat citadel, you will need a lot of gold coins, which will need to be earned on secondary quests.

Throne Room Fit For A King
Repair the Throne Room

One of the storyline achievements.
In order to repair all three halls in the rat citadel, you will need a lot of gold coins, which will need to be earned on secondary quests.


Ranged Weapon
Receive the first ranged weapon

We get the bow on the quest, after defeating the “Bonga brothers”.Two Handed Weapon
Receive the first two handed weapon

The two-handed ax is located in the “Rangers’ Lodge
” on the second floor.
It’s impossible to miss it if you are going to move on in further a game.

Traveller’s Wagon

Fix the Traveller’s Wagon
Fix the traveler’s wagon to allow him to continue on his journey

The “Traveller’s Wagon” not appear at the beginning of the game, go through the main story of the game a little, then go to the right side of the map from the “LongTail Willage” location, to the place as I noted in the screenshot, after accepting the quest we will need to find the wheel, it’s located far to the right from the “Wagon” or more to the left, if you go from the “Rangers’ Lodge” location, after reaching the place marked in the screenshot, you will see a lumberjack who offers to exchange the wheel for 20 parts of the monster. Make this trade and return to the wagon to earn this achievement.
The “Traveller’s Wagon” is here.

The “wheel”, needed to fix the “Wagon” is here.

Return the Statues

Return the Statues
Return all Statues to their resting place

There are 4 statues in the game that need to be returned to their places:Ancient Statue: Symbol of Family.
It’s located inside the room with the monuments for the statues, lies on the ground, just pick up and put it on the allotted place.

Ancient Statue: Symbol of Leadership.
Located in “Longtail Village”. Under the tower where you need to kill the boss, far to the right side of the map.

Ancient Statue: Symbol of Harvest.
It’s located in the village “Longtail”, in a hidden small place, in a “Ranger Guard” location to the right of the hunting lodge.

Ancient Statue: Symbol of War.
Located in the “Moletown”, it can be bought from the mole merchant, near the entrance to the arena.

Chef’s Book

Complete the Chef’s Book
Collect all Ingredients in the Chef’s Book

This achievement implies, you’ll collect the ingredients of the chef’s book, for their further preparation.
It’s woth to note, that all of these meals increase your health bar.

First meal:
Water, Roots, Raspberries; – ingredients that can be found during tutorial.

Second meal:
Shrooms, Bread, Milk;
Bread and Shrooms you’ll buy from a merchant, Milk is found at the farm.

Third meal:
Root, Honey, Cheese;
The root can be found by buying a compass at the market and then talking to the rat near the hunting lodge.
To get honey you need to buy 1 wood from a lumberjack and glue from a seller.
The cheese is in the room with the statues.

Cheese is in dat room.

Honey can be found here.

Fourth meal:
Canned meat, Cripsbugs, Lettuce;
Canned meat can be purchased from a mole merchant in the “Moletown”.
To get the “Cripsbugs” you need to find the “Olive Oil” and bring it to the mole at the station, the mole will take the “Oil” and give you the “Cripsbugs”.
The “Lettuce” can be found in the mines on the way to the Mole Station.

Lettuce can be found here.

Olive Oil can be found here.
Cripsbugs can be obtained here.

Redgi’s Armoury

Complete Redgi’s Armoury
Collect all weapons and armours

Achievement that’ll make you run around the entire map of the game, so try to explore all locations during game progresses, and return to where you could not get to initially.
To get the achievement, you need to find all the weapons and armor.
The options for finding weapons and armor are divided into several ways to obtain them:

  • By completing the main quests.
  • Completing side quests.
  • Defeating bosses.
  • For Blueprints. You can get them by completing missions, you can also buy them from merchants in “Moletown ” and “Long Tail Village”, then exchange them in the castle for weapons.
  • Visit all the locations of the game, also highlight for yourself the areas of the map infected with poison, which can only be entered by purchasing a gas mask from a mole merchant according to the main story.

King of Kings

King of Kings
Complete all other Trophies

Nothing in it, you just need to collect all the other achievements of the game, and you will receive this trophy.


In addition, the game itself not so difficult, and it’ll take about 10+ hours to complete all the achievements, if you do everything slowly.
All achievements can be obtained without using the guide, but in this case, there is a chance to get stuck in some single achievement, like – “Complete Arena Faction”, where you can guess for a long time why the 7th fight does not open.

Thanks to Gaylord Mrakobes for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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