Teardown: “The GPS devices” Mission Guide (All goals walkthrough)

This walkthrough shows how I solved the mission “The GPS devices” with all optional goals within the 1 minute time limit.



Here’s a few general steps to take:

  • Cut through the gates eastward from the starting point.
  • Grab the truck with the boat trailer and park it in front of the optional GPS on the stored boat in the South. Make sure to open the doors and get the pickup close but do not block the way.
  • Get in the southeastern ship and gently back it up against the dock. You might be able to cut it loose and bring it closer to the stored boat but I haven’t tried that.
  • Go to the house in the North. Create an entrance from the East, create an exit one floor up to the West.
  • Take the nice yacht/boat and back it up into the shed that houses the stored boat.
  • Collect the small car in the West and back it up against the Northern house.
  • Get in the boat to the West and gently (don’t go too far!) turn it so that it faces your escape vehicle.
The actual run

Now go to the big ship in the East and start from there. Get the device and jump ashore. Head to the boat on the trailer and the stored boat next. Jump in the yacht and drive over to the Northern house. Through the house and into the car. Drive it carefully (road is quite slippery) to the last GPS device on the boat in the West. Grab that and sail straight to your escape vehicle.

Here it is in motion:

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